Monday, January 28, 2013

Bar Made

On Sunday I reworked our barware in order to accomodate my husband's large collection of pint glasses. The pint glasses have been residing on open shelving with his other beer memorabilia in our home office. Problem is, everytime he wants to use a glass he has to clean it first. Open shelving + glassware = dusty. I thought if I could somehow work them into the cabinet in which we store all of our glassware then they will stay clean and be more readily available.

Since we love to entertain, keeping a fully stocked bar is important to us. It also keeps us at the ready for any last minute get togethers or dinner parties.
Liquor is housed on the buffet in our dining room. I tend to reposition the bottles from time to time and season to season. They are currently grouped in an oversized rectangular wooden tray.
I definitely have my list of "must have" bottles to keep on hand but we'll save that for another time.
Today let's talk glassware.

We keep all of our glasses in an antique china cabinet I inherited from my grandparents. My collection is vast and runs the gamut from rocks to champagne flutes to the dozen margarita glasses I thought I had to have one year for our annual Cinco de Mayo party. (They're pretty but not worth the space they take up. What was I thinking?)

From my Waterford highballs and rocks glasses to the simple catering wine glasses I bought from a now defunct housewares depot, my collection has a little bit of high end and a little bit of lower end. While I love wine, I'm not fussy enough to need specific glasses for reds or whites. All purpose works fine for me.

My husband is a devoted beer drinker and has collected pint glasses for over a decade. The wooden tap pulls were a Christmas gift I gave him a few years back and add some great visual interest to the cabinet.

We save all of our wine and champagne corks and I love the way they look in a simple glass ice bucket. The tone of the corks also compliments the set of Target Altuzarra glasses Charlie bought me for Christmas.

While I love all my wares, the truth is, you don't need vast amounts of glasses to entertain in a pinch. In fact, if pressed to scale it all down, here's what I could simply not live without ~ as long as I have a set of at least six!

 All purpose wine glasses like these or these
 The perfect cocktail glass like this one and of course a pretty glass like this for those delicious summertime drinks!

Now I'll be thinking about Long Island Iced Teas all day!

What do you raise a glass in?


  1. Oh lady, you guys must have adult friends - if we had a well-stocked bar like that, my friends would detonate it, hehe.

    1. Trust me, when I have a bunch of men in the house the whiskey is gone before I know it!