Sunday, January 20, 2013

DIY Valentine Cards

It took but a split second for my wheels to start turning when I saw this awesome Valentine DIY on Pinterest.
I loved the idea of the bookmarks, but how could the idea translate into a Valentine's Day card?

I found packs of pink scalloped cards in the $1 bins at Target then headed next door to Lowe's to help myself to copious amounts of paint swatches.
{confession: i felt like a thief taking 16 squares of each color}
I selected paint swatches with great names to incorporate into the salutation.
 Raspberry Tart, Berry Much and Cherry Pickin' couln't have been more perfect.
Sunday afternoon, I was fortunate enough to have some assistance from my favorite little helper.

I took two swatches and placed them on the notecard exactly where I wanted them to be glued.
Then I took a pencil and traced a soft line across the top of the swatches to mark their places for an even mount.
Glue sticks are perfect for this craft and water soluble which is always ideal when you have little hands helping!
I punched the heart cut out in the swatch that would be the top layer.
The color palette and top card is switched around from card to card.

Center the cutout where the two bottom swatches meet and glue.

For the salutation I used the name of the swatch as inspiration:
"Valentine, you're sweet like a raspberry tart."
"Valentine, I love you berry much."
"Valentine, I'm cherry pickin' you!"

Incredibly inexpensive and extremely easy to create, they will certainly put a smile on your loved ones faces this Valentine's Day!