Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lost In A Good Book

Have you ever read a book that transformed you and changed you into a whole other person until the day you finished reading the final page and gently closed it one last time?
I'm talking about a book that enraptures your mind and thoughts to the point that you cannot think of much else beyond the characters and their journey. A book that sucks you in.
Mind, body and soul.

It doesn't happen all the time for me, but when it does....boy, oh boy! It drives my husband nuts because I become almost unable to physically stop myself from reading until I have devoured every single word.
As a child it was Lois Lenski whose tales held me entranced. As I grew older it seemed that Jane Austen, Edith Wharton and Maeve Binchy could all take hold of me and not let go.
It happened with The Lovely Bones ~ I sat in one spot on the couch and read from cover to cover without stopping.
It even happened with Twilight. You can all means do! I teased and taunted a girlfriend mercilessly for reading the series and scoffed at her when she tried to explain the allure.
Next thing I knew it was 3am on a workday and I am still sitting on the couch reading New Moon. I became unable to sleep or focus on life until I had experienced everything Bella and Edward were living. I'm not too proud to admit I wasn't myself for a good couple of weeks. My brain had become as foggy as Forks, Washington.

A few weeks ago I picked up At My French Table by Jane Webster. I have an enormous cookbook collection, and when I saw that this was the story about how Jane and her family moved from Australia to France to start a new life as well as a cookbook......well, I was smitten.
And just like those other times before, I was unable to put it down until I had read the entire thing. Between the stunning imagery, recipes that you actually want to try at home and Jane relating their tale, I found it to be a blend of all the very best things a book could offer.
I should also mention that it took days for my head to return to the States from the beauty and simplicity of life in Normandy. Bookshelf real estate is at a premium in this house and this is one title that earned it's space.

What are you reading lately?


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    1. Is this a book? I'm intrigued....please share!

  2. The Silver Palate Cookbook was the first cookbook that I read like a novel because it told me a story - I need to look into this one!

    1. Then you will love this! And I will have to look into the Silver Palate....who knew it read like a novel?