Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow Envy

For days I have been scrolling through my Instagram feed feeling quite envious of all the glorious pictures of snow that seems to have fallen everywhere but New Jersey.
From France, to the English countryside then back across the Atlantic to the old streets of Montreal, I longingly stare at these images, wanting to jump in and revel in the pretty, white fluff along with everyone else.
My little homemade cloches are the closest we've come to a winter wonderland of our own.

Last night a soft snow finally began to fall here too and my wishes were granted. I woke up to a blanket of white gently covering the world outside.
This morning I can finally peer out beyond my handmade winter scenes...snuggled up under a wooly throw while I sip my coffee and dream. 


  1. So pretty. I have to admit snow is a real novelty for me, once in London I stepped outside and it started to snow and I thought that a tissue had exploded on my black coat...

  2. It is beautiful, but I have never wished for snow outside of my window! haha.

    I guess the 80 degree AZ weather is just too wonderful to live without this time of year!