Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Perfect Lazy Saturday

Last night I headed upstairs to tuck my daughter into bed and jumped under the covers with her for a few minutes to chat.
She told me what a great day she had and coined it, "The perfect lazy Saturday."
She was so right.

We had another snowstorm late Friday afternoon into the night.
I was up before the sun Saturday morning and as I looked out of my bedroom window the fresh powder was sparkling like a carpet of diamonds across the yard.
It was breathtaking.

I had a surplus of overripe bananas, and in those early morning moments I baked this banana bread as both a loaf and a bundt cake.
(I omit the nuts since picky little eaters don't like them)
The loaf was tucked into the freezer for a later date, and I kept the bundt out for all day snacking.
(I keep this buttermilk on hand at all times. it comes in handy for baking and stays fresh in the fridge for a long time. I love this product and it is readily available at most grocery stores.)

Some little girl was antsy to be outside in the snow and luckily it was just enough for Daddy to pull her around in.

I stayed inside taking care of the weekly housework, but found myself watching them through the windows.
My heart was full as I watched them circle our property.  Charlie gently pulling her around and around, again and again until she was too cold to stay outside any longer.

I received some supplies I ordered for some upcoming parties and projects.
I seriously love ordering from this fabulous little company.

In the late afternoon we all bundled up and took a walk.
The lake across the street from us is totally frozen over and we watched some men playing ice hockey on it.
We walked until our faces were frozen stiff.
Trust me, it didn't take too long for that to happen. It's cold here!

Inspired by a recipe I saw for a roasted BLT salad from Better Homes and Gardens, I decided to make my own non~roasted version with homemade sourdough croutons.
There was not a speck leftover.
I do intend to try the roasted version. Roasted romaine? Who knew? I have to give that a try!

A little while later we feasted on stuffed clams and sipped wine.
The adults, that is.
We watched The Lorax together and I was surprised my daughter had never seen it or read it.
Dr. Suess is like a childhood rite of passage...haven't we all grown up on him?

Before I knew it, we were snuggled up together under her blankets discussing all we had done and how lucky we were to have a whole other day in which to do it again.

What does your perfect, lazy Saturday look like?

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