Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hanger steak on Farro and Mushroom Risotto from Urban Table

I can't stop thinking about the meal I had at Urban Table in Morristown NJ last Tuesday night.
I could be rendered obsessed.
I keep talking about it, daydreaming about it and then waking up from my stupor with a slow drip of drool coming from the sides of my mouth.
Well... maybe not to the extent that I am salivating on myself, but I am pretty obsessed with it.
I even started thinking about recreating it.

Over the weekends we try to make at least one amazing meal.
A meal where we may drive around gathering ingredients for it all afternoon.
The butcher, the fish monger, the bakery....even the liquor store if the recipe calls for it.
Or if my wine glass is calling out for a trip to the liquor store!

I looked up a recipe for Farro Risotto, scribed my shopping list and then headed out to the butcher for some steaks. I wasn't so sure about cooking a hanger steak and landing the same flavor and tenderness that the one at Urban Table had, so I asked my butcher to cut me 4 5oz. steaks of filet mignon.
Considering that they only cost me $25.00 (I'm serious) and it's, well, filet....how could I go wrong?
I used this recipe for the risotto while Charlie prepped the steaks with a dry rub and fired up the charcoal grill out in the snow.
I omitted the butternut squash because the one at the restaurant had only mushrooms in it and substituted baby bellas for the shitakes.

sliced paper thin

sauteed to perfection

snow grilling

I should disclose that Charlie is not a big fan of risotto. Neither is my son.
I, on the other hand, consider it one of the essential food groups.
So as I twirled around the kitchen cooking and listening to French Bistro music with a wooden spoon in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, I thought about how delicious the leftover risotto would be for lunch on Monday.
Mmmmmmm......almost makes Monday seem worth it....
The steaks came off the grill and I even plated it the same. A little freshly grated parm to top it off....

Just wow.
And guess what?
Not a single bit of risotto leftover.
Turns out that the menfolk love risotto made from the healthiest of ancient grains, but not from arborio rice.
Who would have guessed?
Certainly not me as I sat at my desk today eating a Lean Cuisine for lunch.


Have you ever tried to replicate a fantastic restaurant meal?
Was it a failure or a success?


  1. So funny the males in my house have always said they do not liker risotto I will be trying this recipe

    1. The farro definitely has a different taste and somewhat different texture to it. Hopefully it wins your boys over too!

  2. love me some risotto! this looks beyond...