Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In New York

When I was a teen I had great plans for my future. I had obtained a modest scholarship to a business school in NYC that would transfer my credits over to FIT so I could round out my future career in the fashion industry. I had it all figured out. I was going to live a fabulous, stylish life here in Manhattan.
Then I never ended up taking that scholarship and my life took a totally different path.

This morning I was in the design offices of the apparel retailer I work for. I wandered past racks and racks of samples, stopped to look at story boards for future lines, and ogled over mountains of fabrics.
I looked around me and thought about how different my life would have and could have been if I had only stayed the course I dreamed of.

But then I might never have backpacked throughout Ireland, bought my first house at 22 or had my beautiful blue eyed baby boy.
I wouldn't have gotten married, divorced to then finally find my soul mate.
I wouldn't have had my sweet baby girl with him and I might never have become the woman I am today.

While I felt some nostalgia and caught myself drifting off into the haze "what if's" I was reminded that everything happened as it was meant to be.
And I'm glad it did.

tonight's commute

Did your life turn out as you dreamed it would when you were young?


  1. my sentiments exactly! Brava for living the life you have lived. xxoo

  2. Good on you - it all turned out. Seems like you still work in the fashion industry?? it's just a different area? This is a great post - I get really mad at myself for the opportunities I missed in my 30's and it's really not worth going there.

    1. I do, just not in the glamorous, creative side.
      Someone once said to me that "regret is a useless emotion" and I agree. But sometimes we can't help ourself but to ponder the "what if's". I think it's just part of being human.
      Have a great weekend!