Monday, February 11, 2013


Sunday is a tough day.
After the excitement of Friday night having finally arrived and the seemingly endless possibilities Saturday holds, Sunday rolls around and I find myself watching the clock, counting down the hours until the precious weekend has come to another end.
I try not to focus on it, but it inevitably happens and I find myself wishing that weekends were made up of 3 days instead of two.
Two is just never enough time.

After spending the morning yesterday changing sheets, doing laundry and cleaning, we headed out braving the Sunday store crowds to do our errands for the week. By the 4th stop I was tired and irritable and ready to go home. It was almost 4pm and I just wanted to throw my hands up in despair that another weekend had just bit the dust and I still hadn't even cleaned the downstairs bathroom.

After putting the groceries and other nonsense away, I had a revolutionary idea. I turned off my autopilot, lit a candle, poured a glass of wine and grabbed a new magazine that arrived during the week. I headed into our formal living room where the afternoon sun is simply magnificent and curled up on the couch to unwind, soak up the sunshine and RELAX.
Because often times I forget how to do that and I am no better a person for it.


  1. Thanks for taking a button! And thank you so much for sharing your old man in Target story:) I am going to share it later on my facebook page!

  2. it is always so lovely to take a minute (or 5 or 15) for yourself. It is always good to breathe a bit and just BE.xxoo

  3. Oh how lovely to find you here at your elegant new blog. how fabulous about your new store!

  4. My Sundays are often similar to yours and I too, sometimes need to remember to unwind and just take time to relax.