Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Kitchen

When we bought our home 7 years ago we knew that someday we would overhaul the kitchen. We've debated bumping out walls, opening it to our family room, opening it to the formal dining room....our ideas and the possibilities have been endless.
While we have dreamed and designed in our minds, we slowly made our way through the rest of the house and even across the property. You see, our house was a cosmetic fixer inside, and outside had absolutely zero landscaping. So we gutted and redid the kids bathroom, had the wood floors stripped and restained, added a wood floor to the family room, replaced the front steps and front walkway, landscaped the entire front and back yard, painted every single room (some twice now!), sealed the garage floor....whew! I'm tired just thinking about everything we have done in 7 years!
That's not even mentioning how we've replaced all the lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, shelving in every closet, adding crown molding ...this home has truly been a labor of love and finally looks EXACTLY like I knew it would from the moment I laid eyes on it.
Except the kitchen.
I think people are surprised we haven't done the kitchen yet, especially the way I love to cook. I've always planned on a full gut job, so why waste time and energy messing with it when it's all going away anyway?
Last year, while I was on my sabbatical from working, I decided to at least pull the horrible wallpaper border down and give it a paint job. Then my phone rang and I ended up starting a new/old job and the thought went right out the window along with most of my free time.
Fast forward exactly one year, and I really am over it now. The biggest issue is, how can we update the kitchen on a minimal budget? The footprint is good, the cabinets are solid quality, and appliances can be replaced as needed. You can say what you will about kitchen overhauls adding value to resale, but at this point in the game, that's not a gamble we are not willing to take.
So without further ado, here's what we are dealing with:

I know my kitchen was top of the line when Nirvana and Pearl Jam dominated the radio with it's Jenn-Air appliances and such. In 2013? Not so much....
Here's what I dream my kitchen will look like:

For almost 2 decades I have never waivered from my dreams of an all white kitchen with bold black accents. The problem is, would my 90's kitchen look ok repainted white? We painted the cabinets in our last home and it was a laborious nightmare. Is it worth the undertaking?
Then I saw this on Pinterest and my decision was made:

Are those my cabinets?
I have a similar horrible ceiling fixture too!
Well, I'll be.
This might just work out after all.

We are undertaking this task in March so it will be completed by Easter.
Wallpaper comes down, cabinets get painted with this promising paint I found and here are some of the other elements that I have already decided on.
I so much prefer planning those finishing touches....

I'm debating between the two light fixtures but leaning towards the one on the left. I think the dark bronze and tobacco finished stools will add that element I have long admired.
We're not replacing the countertop at this time, so I am going with a gray wall color so it picks up the tones in my existing one.
And I already found the perfect kitchen wall hanging:

So cute, right?
I'll be adding my own spin to the chalkboard, this was on display in the store.

What do you think?
Would you hold out longer for a full gut job, or play it safe with a budget friendly upgrade?


  1. Your cabinets look solid and lovely. I think the white paint will do them a world of good. I say go for it. high gloss antique white cabinets. new handles & knobs from PB. it will rock. Ikea also has some awesome low budget kitchen ideas if you want to rip out the countertops. But I wouldn't replace the cabinets. paint 'em. I so love projects like this. good luck! can't wait to see how it unfolds.

    1. I agree about painting them too - I would replace the countertop but then it starts the whole,"shouldn't we just get a new range top?" etc.
      So complicated. ;)

  2. I am curious to see how it works out I am thinking of doing the same

    1. I will keep you posted! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I am SO excited to see your new kitchen. I would probably just do mine whenever- I think my absolute dream kitchen would cost a fortune (which I will never be able to afford).

    A friend of mine did her kitchen from IKEA with the white cabinets and dark counters and it was beautiful. I never thought an IKEA kitchen would look so great, but it was!

    I can't wait to redo ours...our whole house is a builder grade, 90's nightmare, so it needs some updating!

    I can't wait to see pics!

    1. I have dreamed about this for years, but my dreams involved blowing out walls and adding a black solid surface countertop and a slate tile floor. Problem is, with property values as they are, I'm scared to put too much into it for fear of resale. I at least want what I paid for this house and who knows the way things are right now!?!?

      Have a great weekend!