Friday, February 22, 2013

The Light

I've always embraced winter's serenity and solitude. I love snow and have no aversion to grey skies. As far as I'm concerned, spring can come when it gets here - no rush.
Yesterday I arrived home earlier from work than usual. The sun was still perched high in the sky and as exhausted as I was from a 3am wake up call, it filled me energy and an unbelievable lightness. I took this gift of motivation and used it to get a jump start on the weekend chores. Cleaned the house, changed bed sheets and made a good size dent in the laundry pile. I settled on the couch after dinner with Charlie, wrapped together in a huge blanket. We sipped wine while I read magazines and he watched hockey.

It was incredible how making it home while it was still light out motivated me and fueled a drive that has been mostly hibernating for winter.
I realized that I'm ready for winter to pack it's bags and give way to longer days. I need the light.

Guess what?
It's Friday!
Savor every moment. I know I will.


  1. Love the light &I love winter, but the one thing I never miss when it is over is the gray, gray skies. Have a super lovely weekend. xo

    1. Grey skies are calming to me. Peaceful almost.
      I'm wishing for sun and light to fill your weekend! Mine has already started out grey.... :)

  2. Have a lovely weekend Eleanor! Enjoy the light!!! It's gets dark here now after six...hurray!!!!

    Madelief x

    1. It's dark here around the same time. Isn't it refreshing?
      Have a wonderful weekend Madelief!

  3. I so agree the light and even brightness through the curtain lifts my mood and gives me energy.

  4. It's bright and light down here in the Bay Area but chilly. After 15 years of London grey skies and nightfall at 3pm I can't go back to that again. Actually we decided not to live in San fran because of that. Its only across the bridge from East Bay but 15 degrees colder and cloudy.