Monday, February 18, 2013

The Now

I tried really hard this past weekend to just live in the Now.
I didn't run around with a camera in my hand, I didn't Instagram any meals, or update my Facebook status.
This weekend was spent living more in the real world than cyberspace.

My sister in law and I have a sweet tradition of cooking each other birthday dinners. Since she and her sister share their birthdays and their family celebrates them together, we waited until this past Saturday to have ours.
We had snow flurries all day so it only made sense to make Beef and Barley Soup.
I have been using this recipe for years and I sometimes tweak it a bit or so here and there.
It was the perfect winter meal and I'm not sure what warmed us up more ~ the soup or the love and laughter that filled the house.

After dinner the Little's treated us to a light show.
They showed us homemade constellations on the ceiling then ended it with a dance as they twirled their lights.
It reminded me of when I was young and my parents entertained. I would gather all the rest of the kids; siblings and friends, and put on a show for the grown ups after dinner.
The apples don't fall far from the tree.

Speaking of which, my own Little Miss was stomping around the house in my brown leather riding boots all weekend lamenting that she didn't have a pair herself.
On Sunday we went to Target for a few things when lo and behold we found a little pair in her size.
This morning she came downstairs to find me and wanted to know what I was wearing to work.
After some quick thought and wardrobe scrutinizing we decided on similar stripe tees, black jeans and our boots of course.
The apple and the tree had twin day.

What kept you busy this weekend?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. We had a quiet one. Swimming, playing in the sand, catching up with friends. Xx

    1. Quiet or not, that sounds completely divine! xoxo