Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Comfort Zone

excuse my disarray ~ renovating the kitchen while still using it is no easy feat!

As you can see the kitchen is coming along but not yet finished even though I went back to work on Monday. Some things took a lot longer than I expected and I had to keep switching up the order in which certain tasks were being completed.
In true Eleanor fashion, I also have an inaugural dinner party planned this Saturday night to which the guests have already been invited.
Crazy. I know.

The kitchen cabinets are painted and came out AMAZINGLY!
The Benjamin Moore primer went right over the gloss wood finish with no sanding required just as I was promised. The paint took a solid 2 coats - even a third touch up where I wasn't as heavy handed with the primer.
Covering the wallpaper on the soffet and wall was a whole other story. It has been a tedious nightmare to ensure we are doing it 100%. I obviously still have to paint the walls and soffet my Benjamin Moore Pilgrim Haze gray. I keep reminding myself to visualize how the gray will ground all the blaring whiteness that currently abounds.
In another post about color palettes, I shared with you all how I wanted to add a touch of coral alongside the gray and white. I found a pretty coral fruit bowl at Homegoods last weekend (you can see it in the far right of the first picture) and it inspired me to gather a few more pieces of kitchen decor.
Since I had to replace the corner shelves around my sink, I envisioned them complete with assorted decorative bowls and other ceramics. I really want to do something different and step out of my comfort zone a little.
Off I went to Anthropologie to see what they had to offer. I love the look of mix match patterns and bold colors with an almost bohemian feel. I can stare longingly for hours at Pinterest and my Instagram feed at spaces effortlessly and eclectically slapped together.
I want that for my kitchen.
So I bought these:

Ayaka bowl ~ Anthro

Mini Latte Bowls in coral and teal ~ Anthro

A single printed bowl on one side, a mixed stack of mini bowls in teal and coral on the eclectic, fun and so complimentary to the color palette.
When I arrived home, unwrapped them and placed them, it was just way too much.
Too bold. Too crazy for me.
I think I will hate them within 6 months and be wasting money swapping them out.
I started thinking about a safer color palette, a more classic accent color.
I remembered these navy ikat dishes I saw at West Elm and started thinking that maybe navy with a piece of coral here and there is a safer bet for me.

Ikat bowls ~ West Elm

No matter what I do, I can never step away from my comfort zone in my home.
While I dream bohemian and admire eclectic from afar, I will always feel best with my roots in the classic and traditional.
I returned the bowls to Anthro and found an amazing mat for the floor in a navy/gray and white stripe with a bold coral edge.
So navy and coral it is.
It feels so much better this way.

Do you dream of stepping out of your comfort zone but find yourself unable to do so?


  1. Love this kitchen , it's a holly place for me !

  2. It looks lovely already and adding the little touches will bring it together

  3. so so so lovely! congrats! it looks already so very put together! xo

    1. Thank you! I feel it is still so far from complete so your comment means alot!

  4. My cabinets are finished too and I love them. The painter is still here today and I have visitors arriving tonight! Yours is looking fabulous already...well worth keeping the original units:)

    1. I hated the idea of throwing perfectly good, solid cabinetry out because of the color of it. I am glad we were able to salvage them and make them more our "style".
      Make sure you put pics of your kitchen up so we can see!

  5. Love how you've done it in white - a real modern family kitchen - yay for you. Though extra points for living through the re-model - that is brave! Those bowls will add such a pretty punch of colour!

  6. It all looks lovely and promising. Very pretty bowls too!

    Happy week,

    Madelief x

  7. ah, the transformation already! So exciting.
    I LOVE the blue and white...I have the most amazing blue and white bowls and accent pieces from Tiffany &Co...I had them in the kitchen and repurposed them to my bedroom a while back..sounds random but I needed them to freshen up the space....anyway...
    I really wante dmore blue and white back in my kitchen again...west elm has great stuff!!!

  8. I have to commend you for a job well done, Eleanor. The place looks clean and fresh! I checked your other posts regarding the renovation and found out that you're using the kitchen while the process was still ongoing. It must've been hard for you to work on the area at times, no? But it doesn't matter anymore because I'm sure that you enjoy creating meals in your kitchen now that it's finished.

    Gabrielle Jeromy @ Majestic Renovations