Thursday, March 28, 2013

Honey, I Love you!

My sweet niece Lily turned 1 over the weekend!
My crafty sister in law threw her a "Honey I Love You!" themed party that was adorable.
As the mother of a 3 year old and 1 year old her plate overfloweth; so she cleverly chose where to invest her time and where to simplify.
She handmade invitations to set the stage (I lament I didn't take a picture of one - they were gorgeous!) had her sister make the beautiful paper banner, ordered all the party decor online (which ties back to the spring decor she already had around the house - ingenius!) had a bakery make a sheet cake for her then made trays of delicious cookies and brownies to serve alongside.
She set up a make your own taco bar for this party of 50 adults and assorted toddlers and children because who doesn't like tacos?
She prepared the majority of the food herself, then had a local mexican restaurant cater the fill ins. A giant tray of rice? Catered. Shredded chicken and taco beef? Homemade. Salsa's, guacamole and pico? Catered. All the typical taco toppings like lettuce, tomatoes etc? Homemade.
I admire how she knows her limits and doesn't overburden herself with trying to tackle too much. I am one of those people who tends to take on too much and ends up running around like a maniac before an event begins. Meghan was as cool as a cucumber all day and everyone had a fantastic time.

Meghan and Lily

Help yourself is the best way to go!

I seriously adore this sweet girl!

Meghan added little bees over her spring centerpiece - so sweet!

My brother and two of his beautiful ladies.

Beautiful packaging


Lily wasn't sure about the singing crowd...

But she was sure that she LOVED cake!

How could I not add a picture of the big sister - the first apple of my eye?
My Vera - how big you've grown!


  1. Your nieces are adorable ! Hope you have a lovely Easter:)

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  3. Sorry! I was logged in as my sister...

    The party theme was such a cute idea! (Plus the girls are cute as can bee!)

    (see what I did there...ha!)