Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Making Spring Happen

 I kicked off a week of "staycation" with a healthy dose of spring cleaning and adding some warmer weather touches around the house. I use the same decorative elements year after year, I just reinvent them constantly.
The birch branch in my built in bookcase has been hanging there for ages - ever since I first installed it as Christmas decor. I find myself changing it's purpose each season and it was just perfect for a pastel spring bunting. My cloches rarely find themselves shelved anymore, for spring I changed out the gilded winter pedestals they rested on to a pair made of gorgeous turned wood. The oversized cloche fits perfectly over a woven twig nest that my daughter Ryan filled with fuzzy faux chicks.
 I love using raw bits of nature and natural textures in my home decor. Woven rugs, trays and baskets, vases filled with river rocks and weathered wood and metals have their chance to shine over polished floors and proper home furnishings. 

How do you bring the seasons into your home?

Operation Kitchen Facelift is in full effect and as of last night I have roughed in recessed lighting! Of course the horrific wallpaper border has proved a nightmare to get off and we removed some corner shelves only to discover what can only be described as half-assed handiwork. I'll have pictures and a more detailed update tomorrow.


  1. I did some spring cleaning this weekend and *might* have ordered a yellow chair for my living room from West Elm to freshen things up a bit ;-) I also put out my collection of alabaster eggs and soon it should be time to take the plastic off the drafty living room windows and put on the fresh linen drapes. I'm SO ready for Spring!!!

    1. West Elm has had some fantastic things lately!
      It feels so good to refresh and renew the house doesn't it?
      I hope you've avoided this nasty next turn of winter weather that's been stretching across the country. I think we are just in for a sloppy mix tomorrow.