Friday, March 29, 2013

Rhode Island

Providence, you're just as pretty as I remember!

I spent last week on a business trip to Providence, Rhode Island. I haven't been there in over a decade, in fact, I was last there on business right after I found out I was pregnant with my almost 11 year old daughter.
I loved Providence then, and this past trip was no different. New England lures me in a way that I cannot explain. It feels like home.
I arrived Sunday night and Monday afternoon had a chance to go out to Newport and tour The Breakers ~ the massive Vanderbilt mansion that makes me wish Anderson Cooper was straight so I could at least have a shot at having an "in" to the place. More seriously, I have always been an Edith Wharton fan, so to walk these grounds and get an inside peek at the society she so eloquently scribed about was amazing.

To say I loved the kitchen would be the understatement of the year!

I want/need these windows in my life. Serious window lust happened right here.

Downtown Newport

Snowy Providence

Last sunrise in Rhode Island. See you next time Providence!

Is there a place you visit that feels like home to you?


  1. Oh my goodness this town is ridiculously gorgeous!!! really makes me want to go there. And just shows that copper is there for all time and can take all kinds of beatings (maybe not with my cooking though, I even managed to burn through a whole set of Creuset - its a gift!)

    1. Totally worth the visit!
      Burn through Creuset? Isn't that a form of blasphemy almost???? ;)

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  3. Looks so beautiful! I would love to visit that part of the world some day.

    Yes, there are a couple of towns in Australia that feel like home to me. One day, perhaps...

    1. Come, and we shall explore it all together!

  4. I just love Rhodie! Providence was such a great place to go to college. We made trips to Newport at-least once a year. And now i love to stop on our way to the Cape. Happy to hear you had such a good trip!