Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Traditions

When my children were small I went over the top to make the holidays as special as I could. There was even a year when my son was small that I used baby powder to make "bunny footprints" all around where his basket sat. I wanted the holidays to be magical.
They are both older now and don't believe in bunnies, fairies and fat men in red suits and as a result, I feel like I have slacked off a little bit. Oh, we still decorate, celebrate and make a fuss at holiday time ~ it's just not quite the same as it was when they were little.
I must have thought my children felt the same way because I was completely taken by surprise when my mother told me last week about a conversation she had with my daughter while I was in the hospital. She emphatically told my mother how Easter was her favorite holiday. Not because she gets a basket full of sweets and treats, but because she loves dyeing Easter eggs with her daddy then finding where he has hid them all over the house as she slept. She loves having Easter ham and eating it in the formal dining room. She loves our simple, little Easter traditions.
I'm still not quite up to full speed yet, and my finicky appetite of late had me craving salmon more than ham, but I was determined to make her Easter special.
I made sure we had a small ham for the kids and some salmon for us, she picked out some pretty blooms to be arranged for our table, and of course spent Saturday night dyeing eggs with Daddy. First thing Sunday morning she went on her egg hunt and it was the first year that she couldn't find them all. Since she dyed them in solid colors, Daddy hid them in spots with the same color palette. They were cleverly camouflaged!
Dinner was light and delicious and afterwards we hunkered down to watch the last episodes of The Bible on History channel.
There was no fuss or house full of relatives. There were no pressed shirts or fancy dresses; we all wore our comfy sweats and I even took a mid afternoon nap. But it has never been about a grandiose presentation to my little girl anyway ~ she loves our simple traditions and I'm happy to oblige her year after year.  

What are your Easter traditions?


  1. what a lovely, thoughtful & beautifully reflective piece. our easter traditions are similar, but we do dress up a bit and head to church on sunday morn.

    hope that you are feeling better and that everything is healing as it should.

  2. We also had a much more less formal easter . It was much more relaxed and dare I say it much more fun

  3. The best family traditions are the simple things done together that are repeated year after year.

    Easter was very low key this year. We went to brunch on Good Friday and Clint had to work on Easter Sunday.
    So there were just a few sneaky chocolate eggs before breakfast.

    Happy Easter to you & your family. Cxx