Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Almost Completed Kitchen

Well, we still have a few things left to do ~ I have to order my new range hood (in stainless steel) and we have a stainless steel dishwasher coming too. Not to mention that my husband still has to swap out the old lightswitches to new ones and add a few more handles to drawers. (Screwing new holes for the handles required a run to the home improvement store for new drill bits.)
BUT,  we've come a heck of a long way.
There were moments that I started questioning why I bothered in the first place. Moments that I thought my husband might kill me. And a few times when I wondered why the universe seemed so against us ridding ourselves of our 80's/90's nightmare.
When I tell you nothing went according to plan, I mean NOTHING went according to plan. The list of (now comical) errors should be in bold type with exclamation marks and a few cyber slangs for expletives next to them. In short, we couldn't catch a break. From the old wallpaper border ripping down sheetrock with it, to the fact that our old cabinets are so solid that screwing in my bin pull handles is a whole project in itself just blew my mind. Or how about the Saturday when we removed the old faucet for my gorgeous new Moen one and the old adapter valves on our pipes were so rusted and corroded that they wouldn't come off? We spent the better part of the day with no running water in the kitchen, had to cancel our plans for that evening and thought we would be calling an emergency plumber in.

this is about when my husband started hating me

luckily my 5'2 frame fit better under the sink than his 6'1 one did. guess who saved the day under there in the end?

you're so pretty, but man! you gave us hell!

All in all, we are coming out of it DIY warriors. I never set a specific budget, and we have spent a little more than I thought we would, but we literally have what feels like an entirely new kitchen. In fact, I have been asked multiple times already if we replaced the countertop and backsplash because it looks so different. My color palette really made it pop and now everyone thinks it's new.
So without further adieu, I will remind you of what we started with:

starting to get somewhere

my plan starting to come together and hello new stools!

what a difference!

oh look, a hinge snapped in half on one cabinet door and now we have to search for a match.

Can you believe we painted over the wallpaper? It was a TON of work, but better in the end then repairing drywall!

I ended up buying my ikat bowls from West Elm, found the beautiful wooden mortar and pestle at Homegoods and the cute lanterns and moo cow creamer at Pottery Barn. I debated a printed roman shade for the window, but have decided we are staying window treatment free.

Got rid of the old red teapot and found this cute little blue one that feels so much better.

What a difference!
Of course, a new floor would look amazing, a solid surface countertop would be divine, and a subway tile backsplash would be my dream come true. Oh, and how about some open shelving instead of cabinets? I love that look! But in reality, we don't intend to live here forever and would like to not take a loss on the house when we sell it. These little updates we made put us miles ahead of the competition within our target price range anyway. (I know ~ I've been layed up for over a week and stalk If we change our minds, decide to stay and do a full blown remodel, we haven't spent so much that it would be painful to undo all that we have done.
The kitchen still has some quirks that drive me crazy and there's a few additional quick projects we would like to do (like adding new base trim around the floor after the new dishwasher goes in) but it feels good to know we are almost to the finish line.

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  1. “luckily my 5'2 frame fit better under the sink than his 6'1 one did. guess who saved the day under there in the end?” – This made me laugh. Well, at least you know that you did something great while the both of you tried to deal with that plumbing work. Haha! You should be proud of yourself indeed. Anyhow, your kitchen sink is certainly beautiful. Its trendy design makes it look great. The effort you exerted was worth it!

    Darryl Iorio