Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beach BBQ

Ship Ahoy

A majority of my favorite childhood memories revolve around Ship Ahoy Beach Club in Sea Bright, NJ. My grandparents were members there from the time my mother was a child until my own son was a small toddler.
Lunches were made early in the mornings, packed into the cooler and off we would head to spend the day swimming in the pool, splashing in the ocean and if we were really lucky there would be a few dollars to spend up at the snack bar. Those frozen Milky Way bars and french fries were my all time favorites.

Vintage Ship Ahoy

But the best days at Ship Ahoy? Well, those had to be the days we were there all day and then cooked dinner in the sand and lingered until long after sunset. There was one 4th of July I will never forget when we arrived to the club shortly after dawn with boxes of donuts and bagels in tow. The beach was empty and I have never seen the Atlantic Ocean so still. We stayed all day and way into the night; children still playing in the sand while the adults sipped cocktails and shared laughs. I was raised a beach baby and still love it to this day.

Image via Pinterest

 While my Ship Ahoy days are just distant memories now, I am lucky enough to have a state park beach just minutes from my home. There are guarded bathing beaches there but there are also unguarded beaches that you can drive your vehicles on, have bonfires and that little bit of serene bliss you don't always find on the Jersey Shore.
With a four day weekend ahead of us (can I get a hallelujah?) I thought it would be ingenius to head over to Island Beach late Saturday afternoon and bbq with some dear friends of ours. We have a little portable Weber grill so making some homemade burgers and grilling sausages sound like absolute perfection. The guys can fish or throw a ball around and my girlfriend and I can just relax with our toes in the sand.

1. Weber Smokey Joe 2. C. Wonder picnic basket 3. beach blanket via Pinterest 4. picnic basket from Williams Sonoma 5. Embroidered gauze Top from JCrew  ~ I bought it in white too ~ love, love, love it! 6. Lola t-strap sandal 7. Zip ankle legging
Of course much of the food will be packed into the cooler, but I think a picnic basket is definitely the way to carry all the other dining essentials. The one I own I very similar to the C. Wonder one pictured, but what about this canvas lined one with the double handles from Williams Sonoma? I die...I truly do....
It's supposed to be a bit on the chilly side, so I think my new embroidered gauze top from JCrew would be perfect with my skinny ankle jeans. And these leather sandals from Banana Republic would make the walk from the parking lot much more enjoyable.
I can't forget the trusty old beach blanket, and when I saw this blue and white striped one I thought I might not even want to risk getting it dirty. Hello gorgeous!

What are your favorite beach memories?

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  1. Could you send me a jpeg of the picture of the front of The Ship Ahoy. We belonged there in the 60s and I would love to get a picture of it.
    Leslie O'Connor