Friday, May 3, 2013

Sunday Suppers

I've mentioned it before, but meal planning is the key to smooth running weeknights in this household. When I am figuring out what dinners will look like for the next 7 days, I try to stick to easy to prepare meals because I never know what my day will look like and when I might actually make it home. Unless well thought out, those weeknight meals can be a real drag for not only myself, but the family. The weekends are our time to really splash out and make more complicated dishes and enjoy the entire cooking process.My favorite weekend/weeknight plans come from making a big Sunday supper that feeds us well into the week.

This past week I planned on cooking Sunday and Monday night only, then sailing through the rest of the week on reinvented leftovers and two other quick meals. Let me quickly interject that my husband hates leftovers. However, reinvented into a different dish is another story.  So this was the plan:

Sunday - Meatballs, Sausage and Spaghetti w/ Garlic bread
(I had leftover garden salad from a dinner party Saturday night that we had w/ it)
Monday - Chicken Cutlets w/ rice and veggies
Tuesday - Pancakes and Bacon
Wednesday - Meatball Hoagies w/ chips
Thursday - Chicken salads w/ Garlic bread croutons
(I save the leftover garlic bread slices, toast them back up and cube them. Adds a bunch of flavor and no waste!)
Friday - Homemade Pizza night!

I had noticed we had multiple boxes of pancake mix on hand and I knew we had two packages of bacon in the refrigerator, thus our breakfast for dinner night. I try hard to make sure we "eat down the pantry" each month so nothing gets lost behind something else and goes to waste. Besides, what kids don't love breakfast for dinner?

My shopping list was pretty simple:

And of course, there's some pantry staples that are necessary too.

I have to say, the week has gone off without a hitch. Dinners have been easy on me to get on the table and everyone has enjoyed each meal.

How do you pull off weeknight meals?

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