Monday, May 13, 2013

This Wonderful Life

Mother's Day 2013

A few days ago my daughter told me that she had our Mother's Day all planned out. I remember hearing: "and we'll spend 3 hours at the mall" when I silently groaned inside. My job has me traveling to malls all over New York & NJ every day. Trust me, it's the last place I want to go on my day off. Then it dawned on me what she was talking about. She wanted us to "redo" the Mother's Day we had together in 2010. Daddy had been busy refinishing the garage floor with her grandpop that year, so we ladies had jumped in the car and headed to the mall. We spent the afternoon trying on lipglosses at Chanel, stopping at Starbucks, and buying some candles and soaps. We had had a blast that day and it was a Mother's Day I will never forget.

Us in 2010 ~ you can even relive that day with us here

While I inwardly groaned at the thought of the mall, I reminded myself that sometimes things are less about me and more about the people around me. So I agreed to her plan. She was thrilled. Off we headed yesterday afternoon to the same mall where we once again stopped at Starbucks, bought some soaps and candles but instead of lipglosses at Chanel, we did a little clothing shopping for my best girl. We even took the same picture of us in the car. As she carried her shopping bags to the car to head home she was fretting that she had gotten quite a few things and I had bought nothing for myself. It was then I realized that when things are less about you, the more others long to make it about you.
I'm grateful for another amazing day in this wonderful life.


  1. That is sweet. It is amazing how such a simple day could leave such an impression on your daughter.

    Glad you had a great day!

  2. Aw, so sweet...the things they remember ....

    Hope you are well lady...I can't believe summer is upon us..hopefully we can make a date!! Things have been nutty over here, and probably for you too...but thinking they HAVE to slow down soon, lol.
    Your profile pic is amaze, by the way.