Saturday, June 8, 2013

And It Happened Just Like That

My baby grew up.
It happened so fast I can hardly believe it.
Last night was his senior prom and today he's off with his friends to Long Beach Island for the weekend.
He used to snuggle up next to me, throw his arms around my neck and say, "I love you with all my heart Mommy!"
This morning I got a text that says, "See you tomorrow. Love ya."
It's bittersweet but I'm so proud of the man he's become.


  1. ah, this brings a tear because I know it will be just as fleeting for me with my boys..
    awfully dapper!!!

  2. WOW!!!!!!!

    I cannot even imagine my boys going to prom and being all grown up.

    snif, snif!

    He is very handsome and I am glad he wrote 'love ya' in his text. Sweet boy.

  3. It really does happen so quickly but some how underneath it all they are still your little boy.

  4. I know the feeling well...he looks fabulous!!