Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies

What would you call these tempting little delights? They are certainly not a souffle and really don't fit into the "pudding" genre either. It's not a cake or a pie....Does it even matter?
When I saw the idea on Pinterest for these deep dish chocolate chip cookies I knew it would be the most mind blowing dessert we have had in ages. The simplicity of a good old chocolate chip cookie slightly undercooked and a bit gooey in the center, topped off with a scoop (or two!) of ice cream would be as All American as a slice of warm apple pie.
Your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe will work just fine. I always use the Original Toll House Cookie one - it's a classic. Once the cookie dough was prepared, I took a large ice cream scoop and filled each of 8 ramekins with it. I placed them all on a baking sheet and baked for about 15-20 minutes in a 375 degree oven. The goal is to have them slightly undercooked and gooey in the center. Once removed from the oven, let them rest for a minute or two then scoop your favorite ice cream directly on top.
Easy, right?
I can pretty much guarantee that this dessert will put you directly into rock star status. The trick is obviously to bake and serve it right away. I was a little sad about that because I wanted to bring it to the last dinner party we went to where I was commissioned to bring dessert. But this is one you will have to serve in the comfort of your own home unless you are comfortable with using your host's oven.
Summer has just begun. Think of how many people you can impress over the next 3 months! In fact, I think I have a backyard barbeque that I need to start planning....


  1. I think I will try this as you have made me rather hungry this evening.