Monday, June 3, 2013

Those Days

after mulching all saturday morning

scooter rides all weekend long

taking in all the pretty our neighborhood has to offer

ladybug, ladybug

6:15 am. coffee for us, hot cocoa for her

spent sunday swapping out drinks and reads all day

chased in by the rain

Those two days of pure I never want them to end! We count down the week inbetween, each dawn gets us one step closer to the time we get to spend enjoying each other's company and all the fruits of our labor. Those two days can be so magical that we wish we could stop time and hold still right there in those moments.
I wish I could rewind this past weekend and do it all over again.

We kicked it off by releasing almost 1,000 ladybugs into the yard to help our gardens grow. Saturday morning we had a dump truck of mulch delivered from our local recycling center and spent the morning mulching all of our flower beds. Late afternoon on Saturday we ran to our favorite home improvement store for bird seed and a new American flag for the front of the house and stumbled upon a small, inexpensive patio table that matched chairs we already owned.
After putting it together we barely set a foot inside for the remainder of the weekend. In fact, we met on the deck just after dawn on Sunday for our morning coffee and some quiet moments. We spent the entire day outside, chased in only by a late afternoon thunderstorm.
By my calculations, we have 120 hours to get through before we can do it again. And yes, I'm counting.

How was your weekend?

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