Friday, August 30, 2013

Out With the New & In With the Old

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Flea market gold
My hallway gallery

I've always been drawn to old things. There's an allure to the vintage, retro and "rusty gold" of the past. As a child I would ride my bike around the neighborhood on Saturday mornings looking for garage sales with pockets full of change and babysitting money. In high school I skipped classes whenever the opportunity presented itself just to go thrift shopping. Vintage clothing was just so much better than that crap in the mall.
As a young mom still finding her footing in her adult life, my home was full of hand me downs and castaways from family and friends. Flea markets and garage sales filled in the decorative blanks and my own eclectic style was born. I fell in love with milk glass and gathered masses of it. I rewired old lamps, refinished tables and cherished them all. Our home was cozy and reflected who we were: young, adventurous and still learning so much about ourselves.
The milk glass was packed away long ago when I tired of it. Life responsibilities limited my opportunities to treasure hunt. I began to work in decor/design and began to replace some of our hand me downs with new but timeless pieces. Furniture that still reflected who we were and could keep up with who we would still become. Alongside those items there still exists old cherished pieces that have been hunted, gathered and handed down.
A true blend that defines me: open to the future but designed by the past.
In an attempt to reclaim some quality of life lately I have been hitting the flea markets every chance I get. While I am a collector of sorts, I am certainly not a hoarder so most of these treasures go right into my Etsy shop. It is the thrill of the hunt, the vision of what these items can do and how they can compliment that excites me. Like the weathered old camp sign from upstate NY that I recently bought from an antiques dealer from Charleston. It is the perfect addition to my hallway gallery.

Do you prefer the brand new, the beaten up, or like me; the blend of both?

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  1. I think I am like you Eleanor I love blending old pieces with the new:) Have a lovely weekend!