Friday, September 20, 2013

Finding My Zen

It's funny how things can change, how we can change. Our dreams, ideas and ideals all develop and grow and before we know it, we are becoming a whole different person entirely.

I have been going through a personal transformation for quite a few years now. My ideals have most certainly changed. Things that I thought I wanted, I no longer want; thus my dreams and visions are different. My priorities have altered so much that sometimes it spins my own head.
I want simple. Pared down. In every facet of my life.

The other day I read an interesting article on MSN about why people feel so "poor" even though the economy has improved slightly. The piece mentioned cell phone bills, cable bills and things I have thought about myself and pondered if they were truly necessities in life. Then it mentioned something that had never crossed my mind before.
The article said how the majority of people who have a Facebook page, when surveyed, reported negative feelings more than positive from their experiences on it. People feel bad when they see how wonderful someone else's life is. Pictures of fabulous vacations, new cars, new homes...the article said how people can't handle seeing someone having more or better than they think they have themselves. This saddened me. I realized how it rings true and how many people I have known that have to "keep up with the Joneses". 

In my real life apart from the internet and social media, I have minimized my contact and relationships with those people. But I'm still on Facebook and I really don't know why.

I have blocked so many people from my newsfeed it's ridiculous. Political rantings, anti religion mumbo jumbo and those negative Nellies...everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I just don't want to read it. When I consciously thought about how many people I am "friends" with on there that I was friends with 2 decades ago but wouldn't hang out with now, it was eye opening. 95% of them are not in my inner circle and most likely will never be. Then there's the friends of friends and the people I do know in my real life that I now know way too much about thanks to their posts. Over time in fact, Facebook had begun to make me dislike and disrespect people I would have otherwise never even thought about or known anything about.

So I deleted myself.
It was the best thing I could have done.
It was weird the first day or two to not pull it up on my phone. It felt a little bizarre not knowing if someone just had an encounter with a rude cashier or who has a headache and feels like crap today. Those people I haven't laid eyes on in 20 years will fade back into memories once again. And now I will remember most of them in the positive way I had when I clicked "Accept Friend Request". 
Another life lesson in the less is more concept.

What do you think of Facebook?


  1. This is such an interesting point. I have heard the same thing about Pinterest as well. I think as humans we forget social media, is just that media that is more social, but not actual human interaction. xxoo

    1. I actually love Pinterest - I find it chock full of beautiful and inspiring images. I don't think I could start my day without my coffee and some Pinterest browsing!

  2. At first- I was against Facebook. Then, I became a stay-at-home mom and got on it to connect with adults. I felt isolated and alone just being at home with my kids all day and I missed the adult interaction of working outside of the home.

    Lately though, I am with you. It is just annoying me more and more each day. I have people who post the most obnoxious and rude things everyday and are just plain mean and negative.

    I do have about 10 friends who live around the country that I enjoy being in contact with on FB- but if it were not for them- I would have deleted mine a long time ago. I still might...

    Good for you!

    1. Ha. I signed in as my husband on accident. This is Sarah!!

    2. Sarah,
      I was against Facebook too for the longest time. In fact, I didn't sign up until late 2011. Of course I will miss some of my friends and family that are on there, but those closest to me are on Instagram so in reality I won't miss that much at all.
      Apart from the usual rude and/or obnoxious stuff that drives me crazy too, I realized that I have no interest in knowing so much about people - friends or relatives. If you do delete it I hope you find it as liberating as I have!

  3. I never joined Facebook Eleanor as my eldest daughter and two boys have accounts. I was very surprised to hear my daughter say only yesterday that she is so fed up of it all!! I am really glad I never got into it:)