Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I spent all day Sunday styling Spring table settings with these gorgeous vintage dishes I found for the shop. The more I mix and matched them with some of my own dinnerware, flatware and linens the more they started to pull on my heartstrings, making them harder to part with. I had quite the silent debate with my inner hoarder. In the end, they all went up in the shop. Even the set of red and green floral Charm House dishes which seem to be an extremely rare find. Starting to talk myself back into keeping them now....

I've been thinking a lot lately about which way to continue moving forward with the shop. I began asking myself questions like: What am I most passionate about? What am I most excited to find and bring to the shop? How can I keep a well edited collection of wares? How can I keep this merchandise from spilling over into my home and creating a mess? Truth be told, that inner hoarder of mine may rear her head every now and again but she is inevitably squashed by the very powerful streak of organizational OCD that runs through my veins. 

After all this self reflecting I had to admit that my heart is always in the kitchen. It's the center of my home and chances are it's the same way in your house too. I adore all things related to cooking and dining. From old cookbooks to vintage cookware and kitchen tools, these are the things that keep me hungry for more. One thing led to another and I redesigned my shop logo, edited the existing merchandise and began to list some newly found items for sale. I hope you'll stop by and check it out. (Link in sidebar)

There's a ton of stuff on clearance in the Sale section right now - some really great deals!
I will be updating the shop all week with new arrivals so make sure you check back.

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