Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Blame it on getting older or whatever you want but I prefer life a little more streamlined lately. I still love entertaining, but I have begun to master the art of doing it without making myself as crazy as I once used to. Runners, mats and chargers have replaced tablecloths that require pressing and who needs a fussy centerpiece when the table is full of food anyway? Lately I love mixing and matching my latest vintage finds to create a one of a kind table. Vintage bone china plates with chambray napkins? Absolutely.
I have been taking the same approach to food preparation as well. When my sister and her family were in town two weekends ago I made this quiche (my go to) and doubled up this recipe of an overnight French toast. I prepared and cooked the quiche on Saturday and assembled the French toast before bed that night. Sunday morning I cooked the French toast and warmed up the quiche while I kicked back with some well deserved mimosas and good conversation.
If I knew back then what I know now - but I guess that's the point in getting older after all.

*note: I purchased 2 loaves of challah bread for the French toast. One batch of the batter was enough for 2 9 x 13 dishes. The first time I used the entire batter on one loaf it was a bit soggy for my taste.

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