Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Decorating with: Demijohn's

def: demijohn: a large narrow-necked bottle usually enclosed in wickerwork.

I think my heart might have actually stopped the first time I saw them sitting on the floor of my local ReStore. I rushed over with every intention of snatching them up and heading straight to the cash register. As my mind raced with thoughts of how I would display them, I gingerly flipped over the price tag. $99. Each! Maybe at an antique emporium, but at my local dingy ReStore? I think not.
You see, sometimes I can be a little "cheap"  "frugal" when it comes to thrifting. Unfortunately, the ReStore closest to my house was going through this phase where they would print out eBay listings of similar donated items and hang it on said items to justify an exorbitant price tag. Such was the case with this pair of demijohns. For months I would stare at them each time I popped in, shaking my head in disappointment at the price tag while silently delighted they were still sitting around.
As I was milling around the house one Saturday morning putting out little touches of summer here and there I thought about those demijohn's. I looked at my teak buffet and thought about how perfect they would look anchoring each side of it. A single tropical stem inside of each one might just equate to summer perfection in the dining room. I silently chastised myself for being too cheap to buy them when I had the chance. I had missed my opportunity. And friends, regret is a powerful emotion.
Darn frugality!
About a week after all of this remorse and lamentation I stopped by ReStore and lo and behold, one of them was still sitting there! I began hunting stealthily through the maze of rooms for it's twin. Voila! Still there! I hoisted it up into my arms and with a new found determination I sought out the manager. She told me that she was going to mark down the pair to $50 a piece. With nothing to lose I asked her if she would take $50 for the pair. Right then and there. Cash money. You know, on account they had just been sitting there so long.
She agreed.
I kindly thanked her while I really wanted to run a lap throughout the whole place, cheering wildly and high fiving each and every person shopping in there but I kept my poker face. I hadn't paid for them yet people, game was still on.
I displayed them just as I had envisioned on my dining room buffet and to me, they are perfect. These vintage demijohns will be forever pieces. Whether clustered in a corner or on a hearth; displayed on a broad dining table or atop an old cupboard, incorporating  vintage demijohns into any kind of home decor is not hard to do. Just don't hesitate to buy them when you see them like I did. You might regret it.

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  1. Great finds Eleanor!

    Happy week ahead,

    Madelief x