Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer Sweets Party

Parties today are mostly paper and plastic, disposable everything. "Keep the clean up minimal" seems to be  the modern mantra. We keep our china locked away in a cabinet somewhere gathering dust, remaining safe from potential chips or cracks only to be brought out (maybe) on the most special of occasions.
But what if we threw caution to the wind and broke out some of those lovely old pieces we've inherited and gathered? What if we were daring enough to incorporate them into the simplest of moments? They could make any ordinary day feel a little bit more special. How about mixing and matching them with casual pieces so no one feels bound to formality?
The moment I saw these pink china pieces I knew they would be perfect for a Summer Sweets Party. Little muffins bursting with the brightest summer berries, scoops of  ice cream complete with the yummiest of toppings and darling mini milk bottles filled to the brim with a tart, pink lemonade. So pretty, super simple and tons of fun.
Isn't that the sweetest treat of all?

Shop the setting:
vintage pink covered plate here
assorted vintage pink china here
mini milk bottles here 
similar straws here
pinwheel toppers here
ice cream cups here and here

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