Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Oh, August.

 It seemed like we were constantly on the go. Every weekend we had something planned. At one point Charlie looked at me and said, "I'm tired." and by the holiday weekend I was too. We didn't even leave the house or get dressed for three whole days. It was lovely.
But tired or not, August was so chock full of time with loved ones and the making of some pretty great summer memories. From our weekend getaway with my siblings to the bucolic Hudson River Valley in NY, to having every member of my immediate family here in NJ to celebrate my niece Vera's fifth birthday, there is nothing like family. The house was buzzing for three straight days as we entertained non stop. There were dinners and brunches and I was wholly in my element. 
We had our amazing dinner on the beach and in the days that followed we started getting ready for Ryan to head to middle school. Junior high. How could this be? There were new haircuts, school shopping, doctor appointments and sleepovers with the bestie. I still can't fathom how she has grown up so quickly, into such a little lady who needs me less and less. Yet, in a rare moment now and again, she will curl up with me and remind me that she still is and will always be my baby.

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