Monday, October 20, 2014

A Chic Autumn Table On The Cheap

Isn't this table runner lovely? I adore it's rich, burnt orange color that is so perfect for fall. And that print. That print! It goes so well with plaids and floral that I think it may very well be able to be considered a neutral like leopard print. It's fast becoming my "go to" this autumn with it's ability to mix and match with so many things. There's just one thing minor detail about this runner that you may not realize.
It's not a table runner at all.
It's a scarf.
From Old Navy.
That cost me under $10.
Crazy, right?
I love a well set table. Not much satisfies me like a gorgeously dressed event does. I have a whole Pinterest board called Gatherings dedicated to nothing but impeccably set tables. They excite me the way other women find shoes, handbags and jewelry exciting. You can keep all of that, I'll take some pretty plates, graceful glassware and beautiful linens please.
Almost two years ago I realized that people are not always comfortable gathering around a traditionally well appointed table. Tablecloths add an air of formality that doesn't translate into the informality we live in today. While I might not have been serving food on bone china or pouring wine into fine crystal stemware, formal linens feel, well, formal. So I started to use runners. A simple table runner can bring any setting to a more casual level. There was just one problem. Even though my dining room table fits a generous 90" round tablecloth, I found that most table runners are too long because they are specifically designed for rectangular or oblong sizes. Because my table is round, ends sit stiffly and squarely and just a little bit awkwardly. Plus, the people at the ends usually ended up with a lap full of excess runner.
I can't exactly remember how it happened, but one day it dawned on me that the mountain of decorative scarves I hardly wear anymore are in loads and loads of different colors and prints. They are not nearly as long as traditional runners and the ends drape gracefully around the curves of my table. Most are wide enough to generously cover a good portion of the surface. They wash well too because obviously they are meant to be worn.  And the options! The options!!! Almost any women's retailer sells scarves in all sorts or styles and sizes making them ideal for personalizing your table like you personalize your outfit. 
The good news?
A chic table on the cheap.
The bad news?
That scarf collection might just keep growing and growing and growing.

*scarves of much thinner than traditional linens so make sure you take precautions to protect your table surface when serving hot foods!

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