Friday, November 14, 2014

Harvest Wine & Cheese Party

With the holidays approaching faster than a speeding bullet and the stress and strain feeling more powerful than a locomotive, you sometimes feel like you have to be Superman in order to deal with it all. We want to entertain and throw parties that our friends will be talking about well into the new year, but sometimes reality (and exhaustion) keep us from doing so.
Cue the Wine & Cheese party.
There is no need to whip up a fancy dinner party for 4, 6 or 8 (or more!) when you can set up an amazing spread of noshes and nibbles and sip the night away with your nearest and dearest. All you really need is a sideboard, buffet or even your dining room table on which to set up a variety of cheeses, nuts (if no one is allergic!), crackers, breads etc. You can incorporate seasonal elements alongside your serving pieces to make the setting festive and fun. Using a plate stand for the dishes adds a little height and gives guests a starting point to fill their plates. A few candles in between provide mood lighting and some pretty flowers, or in this case, some sheaths of wheat, are the finishing touch. Pop open a few bottles of your favorite wines, set out some pretty glassware and you are ready for an evening that required minimum effort but delivers maximum impact. With no crazy clean up! You'll be more relaxed, able to enjoy yourself and still host that seasonal soiree we all dream about having.

Shop the setting:
Wrought iron plate stand sold
Cheese domes here, here and here
Danish modern serving tray here
Vintage linen towel here 
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Etched glass salad/dessert plates coming soon

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  1. A party like this sounds like a good idea! Especially around the Christmas period when time is scarce. Your wine and cheese table looks very inviting!

    Have a good week!

    Madelief x