Sunday, November 9, 2014

Making A Statement

Yesterday I had to attend a style event for the company I work for to kick off the launch of a new line. What to wear was on the forefront of my mind all week. While I have paired down my wardrobe tremendously and tend to stick to a uniform of sorts lately, I still need that statement piece to really make my outfit pop. I settled on a white v~neck tee under a great black wool blazer and black skinny jeans with these amazing printed back zip heels. The heels certainly make their own statement but I still wanted a little "bling" around my neck or in my ears to complete the ensemble.
In the same way, I am always looking for "statement" pieces to complete the rooms in my home. Sometimes it's a chair, a painting, or a necessity like lighting. When we moved in and I began designing my master bedroom I had my heart set on a crystal or glass chandelier with silver accents to complete the look.

Unfortunately, I had to compromise with the husband on this. He compromised on dainty coral red nightstands that barely hold more than a frame and a night time glass of water and I agreed (sadly) to let him have the ceiling fan over the bed that he cannot sleep without.
From time to time I find myself still looking for that showstopping chandelier that should be hanging over our bed and I recently found a few on One Kings Lane that have me contemplating whether or not he will divorce me if I quietly replace his beloved fan with one of these beauties.

In an effort to save my marriage I should probably look to some of the other rooms in our house where having the white noise of a ceiling fan is not critical to his existence.

Our study/office might be the perfect place to add this amazing vintage chandelier:

Or maybe it is better suited for a larger space like our formal living room with it's gallery of vintage and antique artwork. It might be perfect since our adjacent dining room has black wrought iron, teak furniture and some rustic accents.
As I continue to look for those finishing touches for each room in our house, each day I look for that piece of statement jewelry or outfit "completer" for what I am wearing. It's the key to pulling a look together in every facet of style and home design.

P.S. One Kings Lane has me swooning over more than their lighting, this vintage ring. I would love  it for the birthday I have this week. Hint, hint Mr. Ceiling Fan lover. ;)

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