Friday, November 21, 2014

The Quest For The Well Edited Wardrobe

A year and a half ago I began to pare down my closet(s), rid myself of excess and change my approach to how I dressed myself. I shared how overrun my closet(s) had become and was able to edit down to one closet's worth of clothing (no longer a plural! hooray!) with minimal seasonal storage. While this may not seem impressive to you or to have required any kind of superhuman strength and willpower, let me mention that I have worked in apparel retail for 26 years. It is not easy to be around clothing all day, 5 days a week with styles and trends that change more frequently than some people may change their skivvies. (Except me, I change my skivvies daily!). 
After this "awakening" I can proudly say that I have purged more than I have purchased yet I am continually working on downsizing into a very small, well edited wardrobe. The less I have, the more simple things are. Not really rocket science, but yet it never ceases to amaze me. 
A few weeks ago I saw this pin on Pinterest and once again it refreshed my mission and mantra that less is more:

As I looked over this list it dawned on me that these items are truly the only things I grab on a daily basis. I don't know that I could survive without my black and white v~neck tees. I wear them constantly and with everything. I realized that I rotate only between 3 pairs of jeans; black skinnies, blue skinnies and a blue boyfriend but still own about 5 other pairs.
I had to travel for work last week and as I packed my suitcase I looked down at the items I had laid out and lo and behold, what do you think I had selected? A white v~neck tee, boyfriend jeans, ankle boots and a wool blazer. I added the same belt I reach for time and time again as well as a thin, gold necklace to finish it off. One of 3 necklaces that always adorn my neck. The basics of my wardrobe or core of my closet, if you will.
It's no surprise then that I felt my best and most comfortable in this outfit is it? Of course not. I still have some work to do in the purge department and after this recent reminder it will be a lot easier. If it seems wasteful or painful to the wallet (think of all that money you've spent!) you can always resell better branded clothing, footwear and handbags on sites like eBay and donate the rest to your favorite charity thrift store. I paid for our summer vacation last year with the money I made selling my clothing, shoes and handbags on eBay. You'll be surprised how quickly it can add up and the demand for used clothing online. 
Hmmm...that gets me thinking...extra Christmas shopping money???
That idea in itself is worth an additional purging! Happy Friday friends, I think I'll now be spending the weekend doing some additional closet cleaning, you?


  1. I've been trying to get my closet in order as well and only buy things that I will actually wear. I still have a long way to go and fall off the wagon now and then but I am so much better already. I don't have so many choices in my closet. Makes getting dressed easier! Like you I have sold so many things on ebay and at resale stores. It's always fun to have some extra cash on hand from it!

  2. I have so many clothes I don't wear now. Twenty pounds of weight fluctuation, up then back down, will do that. The things that do fit are either two years old (pretty worn by now) or have been altered to fit again. I need to get rid of some things to make room for the new.

    I love this list -- going to have to steal it for my own closet. Thanks!