Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Wrapping

Although I am far from done Christmas shopping I decided to get a jump on wrapping the gifts I have already purchased. Wrapping is not my favorite chore job at all. In fact, I generally dread it. That could be because I usually wait until everything has been bought then have to do a ridiculously long wrapathon and by the end of it my gifts look like this:

 Ok, so maybe I am exaggerating a little.

I was actually planning on using whatever random bits of paper I had lying around the attic, because you know, waste not want not. But then I started seeing Instagrams and blog posts of beautifully adorned gifts and I started to feel like a slacker. (Damn internet...) Then I remembered the whole waste not, want not thing again and the thought of more trees having to die just so the paper could be ripped off in a hurry and thrown in the trash thing made me stand resolute.
Until I got to Target yesterday. 
I ran down the aisle of holiday wrapping stuff to grab 2 matching gift bags for my both of my nieces gifts. Since I am easily side tracked by any shiny thing that catches the corner of my eye I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted some adorable gift tags from Paperchase. They are not shiny, they are even better than shiny, they are PLAID. A gorgeous red plaid with a little wooden buck attached. Since I added pretty, red plaid ribbons to my tree this year and on account that I constantly dream of living in the woods somewhere (you know, the buck) I decided that I must have them.
Of course, now that I was buying such lovely tags I needed to up my game and find fabulous paper that these tags could adorn and once again Target delivered. I bought some striped and polka dotted paper in similar colors. When I got home I scrounged around my craft supplies and found a wide roll of burlap and some odds and ends of ribbon that magically all work with the wrapping color palette. I call this #SERENDIPITY.

I wrapped the set of 1920's books I found for my dad and a lovely cheese board I found for my stepmother and was almost giddy with the result. However, I am not too proud to admit that about an hour later and after wrangling with an oversize box that weighs a bazillion pounds that I may have yelled out "I hate Christmas!" (I totally did). My daughter looked as wounded as if I had told her I hated her instead of Christmas (which of course I would never do). I then had to apologize for my outburst all while silently wishing she didn't have tutoring last night so I could have a much needed cocktail.
Is it over yet?
So, in summation, wrapping is still not my favorite activity but at least my gifts look pretty. And made for a pretty slick Instagram. And there is always next year to use up all that other paper right? And tonight to have that cocktail because you know, TGIF.
Oh wait, I have to work tomorrow.
Is it over yet?

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