Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 23rd

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Last week it felt like it was dragging and Christmas would never get here. Then, it was like someone pushed a fast forward button and whoosh! Here we are.
Counting down the hours.
This holiday season has been different in so many ways. I've noticed there are no crazy lines in any stores and getting a parking spot hasn't really been an issue. Work has me in and out of malls and shopping centers all over NY and NJ every day and I've taken note that people aren't even really walking around with shopping bags either. What are people buying as gifts? Have people finally realized they don't need so much "stuff"?
It's been different around here too. There are some things I am really on top of this holiday for a change. Then there are things I am normally on top of, but this year have fallen behind or completely off the mark with.
For instance: I was completely done shopping for gifts this past weekend. By Sunday evening I had every single gift wrapped too. My husband and I have spent many a Christmas Eve long after the kids have gone to bed wrapping gifts so this is a huge win for me. (Because remember, wrapping is not my favorite sport)
On the other hand, I am way behind in other things. Last year we had brunch and a cookie swap with family and friends. This year I have yet to soften a stick of butter let alone bake a single thing.
Every year the beautiful cards everyone sends adorn my living room/dining room doorway. 
This year they have been sitting in a pile on the dining room table.
 I usually have my Christmas dinner menu planned a few weeks ahead of the big day.
Last night after work I finally settled on what exactly I am going to serve. 
Most years my fridge and pantry are bursting with holiday goodies and enough food to feed a third world country.
This morning I will be running through the grocery store when they throw the doors open at 7am because I really can't fathom trying to do a whole food shopping on Christmas Eve.
And let's not even talk about the condition of my downstairs bathroom and the overall cleanliness of this joint, ok?
On the up side, I was thinking about how I wanted to find some gorgeous greenery and berries to fill some beautiful mercury glass vases I found on sale at Pottery Barn. I was silently lamenting how my grocery store doesn't carry anything remotely like what I was envisioning and was trying to figure out where I could go to get exactly what I wanted. Then lo and behold, I walked into a Fresh Market up by the New York border and right at the door were the bouquets I saw in my mind. 
I may very well have the best dressed table without a stitch of food on it this holiday!
There's some sort of prize for that, right?

I hope you all have a bright and beautiful Christmas filled with love and light.

The true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world.
~John 1:9-14

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