Sunday, March 23, 2014

When You See It

The first step to overcoming addiction is to recognize and admit it, right?
Well then, here we go:
"Hi, my name is Eleanor and I'm addicted to chairs."
It all started back in the fall when I found caned wing back chairs for a mere $30 for the pair. They are perfect in my living room but displaced a gorgeous pair of wooden chairs I inherited from my grandparents. This was fine by me because my grandparent's chairs are very dainty and I always cringed a little when someone sat in them for fear that they could easily break. I moved them to our home office where they looked a mere "meh" but in the moment I was ok with it. 
About two months ago I stumbled upon the black leather chair with a sleek, low profile and casters on the front legs. Casters! It was too fabulous to pass up at only $25 and I knew it would look sleek in the office with my pony hair ottoman/cube as a side table. Black leather alongside my vintage camera and globe collection? Perfection if you ask me.
But you know what this means.
Once again, my grandparents chairs were displaced. They look great with my dining table and are perfectly suited to be used with it, but I don't have a spare inch of space to keep them in there. I already have 6 chairs that match my table in that room and while the table can actually seat 10 very comfortably when expanded, I don't leave it that way all the time. Since these chairs have emotional value as well as sentimental to me they are currently sitting askew in the dining room until I figure this all out. 
Last weekend my son and I were back at ReStore and I gasped aloud when I saw this EMERALD GREEN LEATHER WING BACK WITH BRASS NAIL HEADS. I mean, really...have you EVER seen anything more beautiful in your life?
I sat in it, I touched it, I stood back from it and shook my head with disbelief that such an amazing piece of furniture could exist. I Instagrammed a picture of it to ask my friends across the globe what I should do. Naturally there was an overwhelming response to buy it. Even more confused, I paced the room as I tried to sort out in my head what I could do with it. The answer didn't come but I knew for sure that I could never walk away from a chair as fine as this. The ladies who volunteer at ReStore and know me quite well by now walked past one by one commenting about how this chair was so "me". It was so me. I must have it.
 I asked my son to help me examine it quickly to ensure it was intact and stable and we discovered one of the back legs was cracked straight through the wood. I was devastated. How do you even fix that without replacing the whole leg? 
So I walked away. ( Yes, you read that correctly.)
But fate is a fickle character and yesterday while on my usual Saturday visit to ReStore I spied it still sitting there. And now it was half price breaking the bank at a whole $30. It is currently in my garage as I type, flipped upside down with the leg glued and clamped. Where is this chair going you ask? I don't quite know. But I do know this: in the game of thrifting, you've gotta buy it when you see it because you might never see something quite like it again.

p.s. If our leg repair doesn't work, I already found a professional furniture maker who offered to fix it for me. He lives in Maine but that's just a minor detail. ;)
p.p.s. I really wish I had a library painted black like my dear friend Sarah because my oh my wouldn't an emerald green wing back look stunning in a room like that?
p.p.p.s. On the up side, at least there is no shortage of seating in this house.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bar Cart Lessons

When Target released their bar cart last year I was instantly in love. The muted brass color and wood combination was perfection. It made the bright brassy ones you stumble across every now and again at a thrift store seem crazy and garish. However, the $129.99 price tag seemed a little steep to me. I held off and kept scouring the thrift stores for a less expensive version.
When I found this antique fold over table I was thrilled. It was perfect for my space and less than half the price! I moved it in and all seemed well with the world. Then one day the art work hanging over it didn't seem right anymore. I sold it on Craig's List, did a little DIY and started a little gallery of thrifted art I had fallen in love with. All was well again until one morning a few weeks later when I decided my silver star burst mirror didn't seem right with all the rich wood tones in the room. I started searching for a replacement. As time went on I began to feel more and more unhappy with the room again. 
Last weekend I stood in front of my antique table staring it down. It needs to be refinished desperately ~ but in what color? It feels heavy and bulky. Maybe it's just not the right piece for the space after all. Since buying it I had become unsatisfied with all of these other things I own. All this changing and moving things around was becoming tiresome and possibly expensive. My mind went back to that darn Target bar cart. Should I just buy the thing and end this unrest?
Then something dawned on me. I had picked up a pair of sale boots and two tops that I had decided I didn't want or need. As I returned them I realized that those 3 "great deals" I had gotten added up to the cost of the bar cart. I mean, really....
You can bet your bottom dollar that I scooted right over to Target after doing my returns and picked up the bar cart and a $7.00 clearance lamp shade for a vintage wooden lamp I had found. I ended up moving all my furniture back into place as it was before adding the antique table and put the bar cart in the spot I had originally imagined it would go. Perfection. And guess what? My star burst mirror looks right again as does everything else I already owned. The only thing I need to do is to recover my two wing back chairs and I'm thinking a navy and white ikat print might be just the ticket.
So thank you Target bar cart for teaching me two lessons:
1. Sometimes I think I'm saving money then realize I spent the same on little crap and
2. For making me also realize that I should just hold out/save up for the things I really desire because I will never be satisfied until I have the real thing.
On another note, Target gave me a 10% discount since it was the floor model and then I used my RedCard for another 5% off. Total win.
Now what to do about that gorgeous gold flatware they just got in.....

p.s. Don't worry about that antique table. It might find new life housing the sewing and embroidery machine I got for Christmas.