Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Suppers

Summer suppers have no boundaries or rules. Early morning trips to the garden let us quickly decide what will appear on our plates that very evening. The farmer's market is bursting with everything we do not have in our modest suburban garden and as we peruse the bins our baskets and bags fill up quickly with all the possibilities. Meals aren't planned but rather dictated by what is ripe and ready to be devoured. Side dishes become the star of the plate, no longer the costar of an A-list entree.
There is solace in things as minute as trimming beans and slicing fruit for a last minute pie. Sitting outside in a shady spot to shuck ear after ear of corn is rhythmic, soothing and good for the soul. The smell of the charcoal filling the air might very well be one of the best scents ever. We spend all week dreaming of the things that will grace our table over the weekend and the memories of those moments are just enough to get us through the five days in between.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Girl's Road Trip!

Sunday morning my best girl and I jumped in the car in the wee hours of the morning and headed towards that Mason Dixon Line. We made a quick stop in Ashburn, VA to meet up with my sister, niece and nephew then jumped back on the road, caravan style, to see my mama in Greensboro, NC.
From lazy breakfasts to delicious dinners, each day began and ended on Mom's dreamy screened in porch. We spent one afternoon at the Greensboro Science Center petting stingrays and watching the sharks and another sitting poolside at the Bur Mil Aquatic Center.
 My time with mom and my sister was amazing, but having these moments with my very best girl has been priceless. I've completely disconnected from work this week (no checking the Blackberry!) and it has felt so good. So good. Sometimes I don't realize how much my job occupies my thoughts and literally controls my life in the way it can impact my mood. When I saw the Blackberry hit almost 400 emails I almost checked it. With hands on her hips, head cocked to one side, she looked at me disapprovingly and said "Put it down Mom - you are on vacation." I put it down and haven't touched it again because she's right. I am. Sometimes she's so much smarter than me.