Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer Sweets Party

Parties today are mostly paper and plastic, disposable everything. "Keep the clean up minimal" seems to be  the modern mantra. We keep our china locked away in a cabinet somewhere gathering dust, remaining safe from potential chips or cracks only to be brought out (maybe) on the most special of occasions.
But what if we threw caution to the wind and broke out some of those lovely old pieces we've inherited and gathered? What if we were daring enough to incorporate them into the simplest of moments? They could make any ordinary day feel a little bit more special. How about mixing and matching them with casual pieces so no one feels bound to formality?
The moment I saw these pink china pieces I knew they would be perfect for a Summer Sweets Party. Little muffins bursting with the brightest summer berries, scoops of  ice cream complete with the yummiest of toppings and darling mini milk bottles filled to the brim with a tart, pink lemonade. So pretty, super simple and tons of fun.
Isn't that the sweetest treat of all?

Shop the setting:
vintage pink covered plate here
assorted vintage pink china here
mini milk bottles here 
similar straws here
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dinner on the Beach

I had been talking about it for over a year. It started as a grand plan to lug our portable charcoal grill and all the fixings to create an amazing barbecue on the beach. Yet, as time wore on and the weather and calendar never seemed to cooperate my grandiose ideas became more simplified and streamlined. No need to drag all of these things a quarter mile walk through the sand. All we truly needed was a small picnic, some blankets and really good company.
Then, seemingly out of nowhere, we made it happen. A year spent dreaming of an evening under the stars, waves crashing in the background and toes buried in the cool sand finally materialized.
And it exceeded my every expectation.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Art Of The Matter

As I wound my way throughout the local ReStore I caught a glimpse of this painting in passing. I turned the corner from the room it was in not having fully taken note of what I had seen. Suddenly, I stopped in my tracks. All that ran through my mind was Black. Gold. White. Bold. I turned back.
I stood in front of it mesmerized. Hanging high up on the wall amidst decaying china cabinets and no longer loved 80's formica it looked strangely out of place. It looked fine. Grand almost. Perhaps because an oversize Mona Lisa hung a few feet down framed by a selection of poorly done florals. More likely because the frame alone was worth 10x the price tag hanging from it. The gold and black combination was indeed beautiful but those quirky little flowers are what truly stole my heart. Like a strange little bouquet of sea anemones, their stark whiteness bursting from the dark background like fireworks on the Fourth of July. I was smitten. I was in love.
I have never felt emotion from a piece of artwork. I have admired paintings, found them to be lovely at times, but never felt captivated or so moved by a piece of art. I am the woman with a home full of framed black and white photography. To me, they tell a story. Candid photos capture emotion and make my heart swell with their beauty. But brush to canvas? Never.
I paid no mind to the idea of where I would put it. Where I would hang it. When something moves me this powerfully, all those minute details have a way of working themselves out. I just knew I could never forgive myself if I walked away without it. It was meant to be mine.

P.S. When they took it down from the wall I was thrilled to discover it is an original oil painting! Now, to make out the artists name....

Monday, August 4, 2014

Obsessed With: Iced Tea Spoons

All summer long we've been brewing our own unsweetened iced tea. There is really nothing quite so refreshing on these hot summer days. But each time I squeeze a lemon slice over the top then dip a teaspoon in to give it a quick stir I think about how I could really use a set of iced tea spoons. My fingertips always get wet trying to give my drink a thorough stirring and then a short while later I find myself on Etsy looking for the perfect set.
From simple to superb, these four are currently my favorites. I just have to decide which one to pull the trigger on ~ and I feel like it might have to be gold set with the twisted handle. They are c'est magnifique!