Thursday, January 22, 2015

House Hunters: A Log Cabin In Tennessee

Next up is a listing that my father in law actually found and sent to my husband. It's a log cabin and truthfully, I am not sure how I feel about them. Of course men love log cabins for all the obvious reasons, mainly the overwhelming abundance of wood. That is exactly why I am not sure how I feel about them. Too much wood. For a second home/vacation home I think a log cabin would be amazing. I mean, we love love love his parents cabin with a passion but for full time living I am not quite sold on the idea. I like a little sheetrock in my everyday life.
However, this cabin is truly a stunner and I would never say never without properly exploring the options. So here's some background on this listing:
Located on Cagle Mountain, this property sits on 22.7 wooded acres about 2 hours southwest of Knoxville and 45 miles northwest of Chattanooga. Further west than our ideal location but it is Tennessee after all and you know I love me that volunteer state. The house is part of the Forest Greenbelt which I am not 100% what that exactly means except low taxes. After being a NJ homeowner for the past 20 years with some of the highest property taxes in the country that is like music to my ears.
The house is 2672 square feet, has a fenced garden and 1250 feet of Long Creek running through the property. Sounds like a vacation home, right? let's take a look:

I was not blown away by the front to be honest

In fact, I think the back is more impressive

Detached garage and workshop for Charlie is a huge bonus. Would give me extra storage for the shop's merchandise and my hoard of entertaining apparatus

I can totally appreciate this stacked stone wall. Insert heart eyed emoji {here}

Charming but a lot of wood

Again, a lot of wood and that countertop and backsplash? No thanks.

I do love this open air hallway on the second floor. And there is sheetrock. Woot!

I can also totally appreciate these sinks built into vintage cabinets. That is a nice touch.

So there you have it. Not too shabby. Let's run through the pros and cons.

Here are the pros:
1. All that acreage. 22.7 acres is a nice piece of land. Listing says you can hunt and fish right on your own property. Charlie loves that idea.
2. There is a huge unfinished bonus room upstairs that could become either guest quarters or a nice storage space for me to keep all my shop and entertaining supplies. Then I would not have to infringe on the garage workshop space
3. The house is pretty isolated and the property is lovely. It is in an area that sounds like a pretty nice place to live. Middle school has only 700 students and the HS has only 600 students. Why the drop off I have no idea. I guess 100 students never make it to HS? A little confusing.
4. It is in Tennessee.

Here are the cons:
1. It is a log cabin. I don't know that I can do that for full time living.
2. The price. It is wayyyyy over what we want to spend and will again have to have a real mortgage but on the flip side you are getting a ton of land and a large beautiful house and outer buildings.
3. Schools are rated in the middle of the road. Not the best but also not the worst. And the drop off in student count between middle school and high school is weird to me.
4. It would be a 6 1/2 hour drive from my mom and 4 1/2 hours from his parents. That is pretty far and could never be a "let's jump in the car and go spend the day with them" kind of distance. I was hoping to be a little closer.
5. It is out of my target area of greater Knoxville which kind of blends with con number 4.
6. I don't care for the kitchen and at the price of the house I don't think I would be able to change it either. Too much wood is too much wood.

The cons definitely outweigh the pros on this one. I'm just not sure log cabin living is for me. And that price tag thing.

What do you think? Could you live full time in a log cabin or do you need a little sheetrock, crown moulding and baseboards in your life like me?


  1. I could definitely do full time cabin, but that's because I'm woodsy. That being said, there would need to be more sheetrock in my life, too. It can look like a cabin on the outside, but I need it to look like... yannow... a house on the inside. I grew up with a lot of wood paneling being en vogue. I think that's the problem.

    That aside, it's lovely. I love the back view. And the land -- gosh it's beautiful. Keep shopping until you find 'the one'. :)

  2. I've always thought a log cabin painted white would be gorgeous. I've never seen it done, so there's probably a good reason why. But if it can't be painted, no. Never. I will say never for you! And if it's kind of isolated, a dream kitchen is even more important. If hubs gets the man dream of land and log, you get the dream of Viking and marble (or whatever your dream kitchen is)! Sounds like you're the budget nazi, though! So I think if you're not ready to fix that kitchen, it's a no-go! Also, you can probably understand how I'm single. My ex and I literally got in the death knell fight at an appliance showroom :)

    1. You are so right. I could never look at all that wood all the time. However, I am all over the place. A few nights ago I was looking at historic homes listed in coastal Maine for like 800,00. Not even feasible unless I take up a side job as a madam or drug dealer or something.
      Lucky for me the husband could care less what I do inside the house with decorating or fixtures. Thank goodness too because my first husband and I used to fight terribly over everything because he always had to have a say and wanted it his way. I had no choice but to divorce him. ;)