Monday, January 19, 2015

The Art of Self Restraint (Or Not)

I swore I wasn't going to thrift shop this past weekend. 
In fact, my inner monologue on Friday sounded something like this:
Me: "I should just take it easy this weekend and stay in the house."
 Me: "But what if there is something really good there?"
Me: "Maybe I could just hit one or two shops that are close to home really fast?"
Me: "No, I'm not missing out on anything. I need to relax and not run all over the place."
Me: "Yes, that's a good idea. It's been a long week."
And so it was settled. I was staying out of the thrift stores this weekend.

I sat down at the computer with my cup of coffee first thing Saturday morning and found myself on Anthropologie's website scrolling around because sometimes I just need to look at pretty things and their home section gets me every time. I was drooling over some of their dinnerware and with the extra 40% off sale they were running this weekend I started to drop things into my shopping cart. Click, click, click, click.
It's just so easy and shopping doesn't feel bad when you can just click away then pay by logging into your PayPal account instead of handing over cash money. Before I knew it I had loaded up with a butter dish, a spoon rest, a lampshade, a platter and a serving bowl. Somehow the voice of reason wiggled it's way into my brain and was like, "Why are you buying a butter dish, a spoon rest, a lampshade, platter and serving bowl? You need none of the above."
I sheepishly answered; "Because they are pretty."
Then the Voice of Reason reminded me that I could and would find some equally pretty things for considerably less at the thrift store. She reminded me about the gold flatware I fell in love with at Target that I knew I shouldn't drop $200 on just because I wanted it. As luck would have it, a few weeks after I restrained myself I found a pretty, vintage gold service for 6 for under $10 at a thrift store.
I knew she was right, but sometimes the Voice of Reason is a real bitch because she forgot that I swore I wasn't going to thrift shop this weekend. It was a shitty move because now I wanted to thrift shop more than ever.

Regardless, now she also made me feel guilty so I removed the butter dish, the spoon rest and the lampshade. I did not however remove the platter and serving bowl because they were beautiful white stoneware with a thin black band and I thought: Classic. Timeless. Goes with everything. Also an extra 40% off. While I need another platter and serving bowl about as badly as Martha Stewart needs another "Good Thing", I thought of a bajillion few ways I would use them right off the bat. Justification. Take that Voice of Reason.
As I showered and dressed I decided I would go to the fish market and buy a piece of salmon. I had some sweet potatoes I needed to use up and mashed sweets with salmon sounded heavenly. I headed out the door and remembered that the closest fish market to us closes down in January and February so the owners can have some time off. I was going to have to go to another one that was a little farther away. 
Unfortunately, or fortunately - depends how you look at it, on the way to this other fish market I pass one of my favorite thrift stores. Without any inner debate, I whipped into the parking lot and ran inside for a quick "peek". Five seafoam green and white stripe vintage martini glasses and a chambray shirt later, I was back in the car to get my salmon. Once I was home, Charlie mentioned over lunch that he really wanted chili on Sunday because there was some big football game to watch. I decided I would just run out right then and there to the butcher instead of running around Sunday morning. 
There's another thrift store 2 doors down from my butcher.
Four vintage embroidered linens and a pretty bowl later I was back in the car and on my way to the liquor store because it dawned on me that salmon really needs a great bottle of wine to go with it. Six bottles of wine later (there was a sale), the Voice of Reason was no longer speaking to me and my gut was saying that there were more treasures to be had so I just said;
"Screw it. I'm going thrifting."
And off I went to one of my all time favorite thrift stores in the whole wide world where the heavens parted, the angels sang and the sun shone on my head as I filled a (mini)  shopping cart with a bevy of treasures including these stunning hand painted, glazed terra-cotta plates. They don't look unlike some of the things I was ogling on the Anthropologie website. It was like I was being rewarded for my superhuman restraint on their website with comparable items for much, much less. And all because I listened to my gut instead of the Voice of Reason.
And also because I have very little self control.

*While I fully intend to sell everything I found this weekend in the shop (except the handpainted plates - I'm not sure I can part with them) I have started to worry that our walk in attic might be getting so full that it will break through the floor and ruin our house. Seriously. Can that happen? I mean, I never saw it happen on hoarders. Once I saw an episode where the floor rotted from underneath the hoard because it was all garbage stacked on it, but what about neatly stacked plastic  totes and shelving units loaded with dinnerware? Can that fall through the ceiling? I think the Voice of Reason is seeking revenge on me by making me paranoid. I also think I need to add basement to the list of our house hunting requirements. 


  1. Your inner dialogue sounds a lot like mine!! :)

  2. I love those plates in the pic, I would keep those and that little embroidered thing pictured with it. :-)