Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunday In The Park

I know I just wrote about how tough February has been, and while our winter in NJ pales in comparison to our friends in the North (I'm looking at you Boston) who have been completely inundated and overwhelmed with the white stuff, cabin fever has become a reality in this house. Charlie has been pacing the house on the weekends bored out of his mind. He is an outdoorsman and being trapped inside is making him nuts. He is perfectly content tinkering around in the garage but the heater I bought him for Christmas is not the least bit effective when the temperatures are in single digits.
  The kids don't emerge from their inner sanctums until around noon Saturday and Sunday, sometimes later. While they don't complain about being bored, watching them lay on the couch in their pajamas with handheld devices makes me a wee bit nuts. Even the dogs are bored, and the little one is getting so fat we are going to get yelled at on our next vet visit. So two Sundays ago I was just finishing putting away the groceries telling Charlie what a nice day it was out and how warm it was (because 40 degrees feels tropical right now) when it dawned on me that the best thing for my families health and sanity was to get them the hell out of the house for the afternoon.
Of course the kids were still sleeping because it was just before noon, but I burst into their bedrooms demanding that they get up and dressed because we were going to a nearby park to get some fresh air and exercise. After some grumbling and complaining they complied because truthfully, they had no choice in the matter. I am the boss of this house (or so I like to think) so what I say goes. Besides, when they saw how excited their dogs were after I said the word W-A-L-K (usually we have to spell it aloud because if you say it chaos ensues) they couldn't say no.
Off we went to Cattus Island County Park which is a mere 5 minute drive from our house but I tend to forget it is even there half the time. And that's a shame really because it's a series of trails that open up to the Barnegat Bay creating an incredibly beautiful vista. I mean, see for yourselves:

The bay was almost completely frozen over. The tree damage is left over from Superstorm Sandy. As we walked the trails it was unbelievable to see the damage that occurred. We haven't been here since the storm and at first I didn't even realize that that is what all the damage is from. Out of sight out of mind,you know?

They refused to walk with me. And while they hated me for making them go, the dogs on the other hand loved me for it.

The boarded trail was blocked off but not completely so we walked it anyway. It was a bit treacherous with all the snow and ice on it and when we came to the end there were signs posted warning Danger! Stay off trail! Ooops.
When I linked the site to this post it also says that trails are closed due to storm damage.
Double ooops.

They will never admit it, but I know they had fun and it was good for each and every one of us. Now I just need to remember that this place is here and so accessible and take advantage of it more often.

What do you do to battle cabin fever?


  1. Hi Eleanor,
    I am glad you and the family got out for a walk, it is important to get some fresh air. So needed by the mind and body! Atleast winter will be coming to an end soon ;)

  2. Well I have a formula for cabin fever and it is a delicate balance between alcohol, coffee, food, being outside, and not watching too much TV. I think hours in front of a TV makes us go mad! So my cabin fever cure is something like 1. Have a libation 2. Go outside and play with dog or supervise children and gossip with neighbor 3. Go in and have coffee and breakfast. 4. Watch ONE episode of House of Cards 5. Vacuum something or clean something 6. Cocktail or coffee-your call. 7. Back outside for a walk or romp 8. Cocktail 9. HoC (maybe two episodes) 10. More cocktails

  3. Hi Eleanor, what a beautiful location. We like to get of the house too like go for a long drive and eat out. Indoor activities are usually reading, doing a puzzle. There is so much to do, but taking a nice walk with the family and dog is one of my favs. BTW your dos are so cute especially the one with the big adorable!!

  4. Hi Eleanor,
    Hope all is well! Haven't seen a post in a bit.