Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Cocktail Tumbler

It all started when my boss gave each of us a set of frosted state glasses for Christmas. The states represent where our territories are, and in some cases, are also the states we live in. It was a cute idea and definitely original but I'll be honest, I looked at the 4 glasses and thought "What am I doing with these?" I am not one of those loud, big haired Jersey girls bursting with Jersey pride. I work really hard and spend a lot of money taming my crazy Jersey girl hair so no one mistakes me for a housewife or a Seaside guido. This is no easy feat. Trust me. There are many wonderful things about the Garden State but there are also many things that we don't love either. Which is why we are looking to leave our home state as soon as possible. 
But back to the glasses. 
It was a bit of a wtf moment because she usually gives us jewelry for birthdays and Christmas and what woman doesn't appreciate jewelry? But I thought to myself, Hey; I might decide I like these glasses when I no longer live here. Then they will be a memento or a souvenir of sorts. I stuck them in our bar cabinet and forgot about them.
The following summer I found a recipe for a fresh watermelon cocktail from my favorite mixologists  and sent Charlie directly into the kitchen to whip us up a batch. Cocktails are like salads: they always taste better when someone else makes them. He came out to the deck where I was lounging and leafing through magazines carrying the New Jersey tumblers. I asked him why he chose those particular glasses and he said because they were "cool". I figured that was a matter of opinion but I was grateful for a drink that I didn't have to make myself so I kept my mouth shut.
Perhaps it was because those watermelon spritz drinks were so damn delicious or else I was delirious from lazing about in the sun, but I kind of liked having my cocktail in that tumbler. There was more drink to be had then in our rocks glasses, they weren't so large and cumbersome like some of my other barware, and frankly, they lent themselves to a drink called the Spicy Watermelon Spritz. 
In other words, I was totally into it.
So those good, old New Jersey tumblers became my go to cocktail glasses for the rest of the summer.

In early fall I stumbled across this set of 4 vintage tumblers in a thrift store and nearly fell over:

 I mean, come on...prancing horses on frosted tumblers...have you ever seen such amazing kitsch? And that is coming from a woman who despises kitsch. But these... these oozed of kitsch with such an element of coolness that I immediately listed them in the shop envisioning them being snatched up instantly by some Brooklyn hipster. (Ironically they have not been snatched up yet and are still available here if you want to purchase them and have me think you are totally awesome and not because you are buying them from my shop but for your obvious amazing choice in barware.)
Finding these solidified my idea that the cocktail tumbler is to the bar what the LBD is to the closet.

Since good things always come in three's, these glasses were patiently waiting for me on a shelf in my favorite thrift store a week or two ago :

 I may have emitted a high pitched squeal or two as I raced over to grab them; ready to elbow or knock out any old biddy who might think they were hers for the taking. (My Jersey was coming out.) Luckily, there was no one else in the aisle and as I loaded them in the cart I was thinking how gorgeous they are and how people will go nuts over them in the shop. Or not, since I was apparently wrong about the dancing horses. (Deep down I know there is no way I am wrong...I mean just look at them where will you ever find glasses that cool? Exactly. NO WHERE.)
Anyway... bottom line is that I simply cannot sell these striped tumblers. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I am in love with using tumblers for cocktails. Like the LBD, they go with everything. That long, lean shape makes them ideal for any mixed drink you want in abundance. Just yell "make it a double!" and I'll be right there with a cocktail tumbler in hand.
And it might have a prancing horse on it. 

p.s. I broke one of the New Jersey tumblers so now I only have 3. Devastating. Good things come in three's, entertaining essentials and serve ware need to be in even numbers. All the more reason to keep the striped ones. Or ask my boss for another set of Jersey glasses. 


  1. The tumbler sounds perfect for a cocktail and the watermelon spritz sounds delish! I like all the tumblers you have, but I have no more room for glasses or tumblers. :-)

    1. I think almost any drink will work well in the cocktail tumbler and yes, those watermelon spritz's were delicious.
      Thanks for reaffirming my good taste in glassware. ;) I was not shamelessly plugging the shop by any means, I am seriously just shocked that no one has snatched those beauties up.
      Have a great weekend!

  2. Watermelon spritz sounds good right about now! The striped tumbler's look amazing! I would be afraid of breaking them lol

    1. I am more scared of my husband putting them in the dishwasher. Way more likely than breakage! ;)

  3. I am always in favor of more cocktail real estate. I think the horse glasses will sell around the Derby in May. I make a watermelon gin fizz when I'm in vacation (and only on vacation) and AHHHH it's so good.

    1. The Derby.
      Stephen, you're a fair genius. I'll be changing those labels/tags on the listing right now. And right about now you should be sending me the recipe for that watermelon gin fizz. Because I love gin. I do. I like, really, really love gin. I love it so much I even dream of taking a bath in it like Miss Hannigan did in the Annie movie from when I was a kid. Dream, not do. Big difference. ;)