Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wanted: The Perfect Tablecloth

I saw this on Pinterest and nearly fell off my chair. I love every.single.thing about it. There's a solid streak of bohemian blood running through these veins and a strong affinity for table linens but this. There really aren't enough words to describe how much I love it. It's like the sun, moon and stars collided and this was the result.
Dying over here.
I immediately decided that I would make myself one. Goodness knows I see enough doilies at the thrift stores. Some of them are really nice too. Slowly but surely I started stockpiling pretty doilies. Then I decided it was time to buy a tablecloth to sew them on. Problem is, I need a 120" round cloth at a minimum so it graciously touches the floor and they are not easy to find. My only option is ordering online and they don't come cheap. And they also look like they could be really cheesy fabrications. Add that to the price tag and I am nervous to take a chance on anything I have seen. So I decided I would just try to buy the actual ready made tablecloth that I found on Pinterest and save myself time, a headache, and very possibly some greenbacks.
But it is no where to be found!!!!
All the Pinterest links lead to nothing. Nada. Zip.

So I need your help friends. I could use any of the following options:

~suggestions on where to find a good looking quality tablecloth that is 120" round that I will not be scared to sew doilies on because it cost me my first born grandchild (my kids are too big to offer up. no one wants big kids)
~ideas on how to achieve this look without buying a very expensive and possibly cheesy 120" round tablecloth.
~could I just buy yardage instead of a pretty fabric and do it myself? Any accomplished seamstresses out there know how much I would need?
~just tell me where I can buy this damn thing outright because I am afraid I cannot survive much longer without that on my table. Someone out there has had to have seen this too - lead me to the link! Pretty please???

Have you ever? I mean, really. My heart hurts over this.
I'm actually thinking of replacing the picture of my family on my iPhone wallpaper with this photo because I love it so much.
I'm kidding but I think you get the idea.


  1. Hi Eleanor, I was thinking , wouldn't itbe cheaper to go to fabric store and buy muslin or linen fabric and sew your own? it looks like they embellished the fabric by sewing a potpouri of doilies. Yours would probably be much more beautiful.

    1. Cherre,
      I am trying to figure out how to do just that. It's all a matter of sewing together the yardage to create a round table. A square or rectangle would be so much easier.
      And thanks for the vote of confidence! :)