Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Sunday

I clearly have a thing for symmetry if you haven't noticed.

Easter has begun to rival Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday. There is just something about the newness Spring has to offer with it's longer days and the resurgence of a bright and happy color palette. Light and bright seems the way to go these days. As I set the table for Easter brunch on Saturday afternoon I noticed that the shades on our chandelier felt too heavy. So I removed them. The clutter of bottles on our bar cart was too overwhelming. So I pared it down. None of my linens felt right. So I dug around and found two scarves to drape over the table.  I even simplified my floral arrangements and let the beautiful buds speak for themselves.

Doesn't it feel good?
I hope your weekend was filled with light and love!


  1. Hi Eleanor,
    The table setting looks great! Easter was my fave holiday when we were in NY. Because easter came with all the pastels, sprouting tulips and hyacinths and it signified was spring was well on its way... an end to the never-ending dreary winter. Also after Easter, you have a holiday and time to spend with family every other month (memorial day, labor day, SUMMER BREAK! etc..) I always felt that after christmas and before Easter, things were a bit gloomy... a long stretch of time with not much going on... so yeah, I loved easter ;)


  2. Looks great! I, too, treated Easter more like thanksgiving this year and loved it. I need mlre holidays, y'know?