Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Musings

Ugh....Monday. The worst six letter word in the whole English language. It seems like we spend the weekend getting all the errands run and the house immaculately clean just to leave on Monday morning and spend minimal time here over the next five days. In my mind, weekends should be three days at a minimum with Monday being the day to kick back relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 48 hours is simply not enough time to accomplish all the things we need to do and still find time to relax. But don't worry, as soon as I become Queen of the World or President of the United States, that will be the first law I enact. Actually, that might be the whole platform for my political campaign! I bet it takes out any opponent too.... who's with me???
All kidding aside, we have spent the past few weekends spring cleaning around this joint. I have brought 3 full car loads of stuff to Goodwill and the trunk is currently filled with load #4. Things are feeling more bare and empty and generally wonderful around here. Thus my loathing to leave here this morning. This place just feels good.
Years ago I downloaded the album The Drums by well, The Drums and on that album there is a song called  I Need Fun In My Life. It resonates with me more than you could imagine. While I feel like I have fun and wonderful things going on in my life all the time, there could be more. There could always be more. In the song he sings this:
"Oh, I took walk yesterday all around New York City and I saw something written on a said The Less You Own The More Freedom You Have, the less you own the more freedom you have so I went home and I threw it all away...." There is something so liberating about having less around you. With each car load of things we no longer, or possibly ever needed, I feel lighter. More Free. It's an amazing principle.
I fully recognize that my book and dish collection alone would totally prohibit me from being on the next episode of Tiny House Nation, but I think you see where I am going with this. The less is more theme can still translate in my 2,000 sq. foot home. I need to be thoughtful about any purchases and apply the in/out rule as much as possible. I no longer shop at large scale retailers the way I did 4, 5 years ago for more than essentials because I find there is generally nothing I want from them. When I woke up yesterday and saw that Twitter was ablaze overnight with the release of the Lilly Pulitzer line at Target I got that twinge in my gut that maybe I had missed out on something. When I strolled into my local Target store around 10am to buy hand soap, razors and shaving cream the racks were basically completely bare with a few random women running frantically around trying to grab any piece that was left. It was amusing and sad all at the same time. Amusing because Lilly Pulitzer merchandise is readily available for sale all the time, it's just out of 99% of these women's budgets and sad because consumerism still makes people act like wild animals. Albeit, when I spot that treasure from the corner of my eye in the thrift store I sometimes get a little crazy too. Proof of that right here and here
My point is, I want so much more out of this life and it takes more than stuff to fulfill that need. Unless it is made out of porcelain, bone china, ironstone, or pretty pictures stuffed inside a magnificent hard cover book. Then my needs are met. For a little while anyway ;).

Happy Monday!

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  1. Hi Eleanor,
    Totally with you on the 3 day weekend, my sentiments exactly!As for consumerism.. I am very much guilty of it!
    P.S. I posted part one of my Rome pics yesterday. ENjoy ;)