Wednesday, August 19, 2015

House Hunters: The Perfect Home For Me

It's been a while since I did a House Hunters post although I have been spending 99% of my free time searching online for homes these days. Our search has taken us father west then we ever thought we would go, but life is funny like that sometimes. And yes, we are still looking in Tennessee. That state has my heart. I'm pretty sure it's settled into my soul as well. 
As I comb through listing after listing I sometimes worry that finding the right house is not going to be as easy as I thought. I'm also scared that I may find my dream home but that it might be in the wrong location. This has actually already happened to us. Sigh.
Instead of sharing listings that are sort of right, I decided to show you a home that is exactly what I want, with an ideal piece of property in an area we really want to live in. 
Built in 1907, this historic gem is located in the quaint town of College Grove not too far from the infamous and swoon worthy Franklin, Tennessee. It sits on just over 5 acres and even has the first letter of our last name on the front door. Coincidence? Maybe not...

 Perfect view from the front porch

 Adorable outer buildings

 And a barn!

 And flat land to grow food!

Let's look inside:
 Simple but perfect.

 With a cookbook collection numbering over 400 titles, ample book storage is definitely a perk.

 This kitchen. Oh, this kitchen.

 Yes and yes.

 And another shot because the kitchen is just so good.

 Again, simple and perfect.

 Got to be honest, I don't mind the wallpaper. Would probably change it but it does not offend or bother me in any way.

 Simple is the theme here and it is just so, so right for this house.

This is what I love. This is what I want. 
This is also about $100k over our budget. Insert wailing emoji {here}.

It is roughly the same size as our house now which is just right for our family of four. It is in Williamson County which has top notch schools in towns where you can also have acreage. A perfect scenario for us. While we are all in love with it, we cannot even dream of trying to stretch this high. We want to move in order to have less overhead, not more. Being foolish defeats the purpose of our move.
It's just hard to see things like this and then look at some of what is in our budget and one of two things seem to happen. 1. The house is amazing but the land is not. 2. The land is great but the house is not. It's really frustrating.
On the up side, every time I get up from the computer after a long session and wander through our house I am taken aback by how beautiful and perfect it is. And while it wasn't beautiful or perfect 10 years ago when we bought it, we made it this way. 
Unfortunately, we just haven't found anything we want to put that same energy into again and I am not willing to settle for a house I am not in love with no matter how great the land is.
Maybe if we hold out long enough they will drop the price? Here's to wishful thinking!

*I created a House Hunters board on Pinterest of listings that appeal to us. You can check it out here.


  1. Such a great location! I live in nearby Murfreesboro. I'm from Ohio and have lived in middle TN for about 4 years and LOVE it! Great place to raise a family. Good luck to you! Always love your blog posts!

  2. What a gorgeous home!

    We are in a similar situation. We've been looking at buying a home in Australia for the past few years. Unfortunately house prices in Sydney are stupid crazy. It's now one of the most expensive places to buy real estate in the world. Like the median house price is a million dollars. If I wanted to buy a house in the area where I grew up we'd be looking at $2-3 million. INSANE!

    All this means we'll probably never buy another house in Sydney. So, we'll either live in another city or have to rent and invest in another city. Depressing really. It's hard when the home you want is out of reach. xx