Monday, August 24, 2015

The Impromptu Gathering

It was about 5pm a few Saturdays back when my sister in law called to ask what we were doing that evening. Even though we were knee deep in painting the downstairs bathroom and none of us had showered that day, my answer was "Nothing, why?" She said she had a bunch of steaks for the grill so why don't we come over for dinner and hang out?
I had run to the fish market earlier that day and bought mako steaks so I offered them up so it would be a surf and turf style meal and told her we would be there in an hour. We grabbed a chilled bottle of wine as we ran out the door, stopped and bought some ice cold beer along the way and within an hour we were relaxing on their deck watching my nieces roll around the lush, green grass.

this my friends, is the life

The sunset was spectacular,  the company even better and I knew that all the planning in the world could not have turned out a better Saturday night. 

I love spur of the moment gatherings. Forgoing all the planning, cleaning and perfecting (since I am still somewhat a total Type A, although I am admittedly becoming more of a free bird in my old age) makes for a more enjoyable event. Something that is so organic and real. And fun most of all.
Earlier this summer Charlie and I were talking about how difficult it sometimes is to get together with the people we care for the most. Everyone is always so busy that sometimes we are making plans a month in advance and by the time the date actually rolls around with so much "life" happening in between, who even knows if you will really still feel like getting together?  
I can't help but wish life was a bit more sporadic so when you pick up the phone last minute and say "Hey, what are you guys doing tonight?" the answer will be "Nothing, why?"
It seems like that is when the magic really happens.

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  1. I'm tryyyyying to get better about this. You know I'm such a control freak and it's a bad look. And yet I feel myself getting worse! This dinner sounds so fun. Mako? Is that shark? I'm interested in that.