Wednesday, September 30, 2015

House Hunters: You Could Be The One

Life has been a little nutty. On a daily basis I have been fielding phone calls from my realtor here, the relocation company, a finance company associated with the relocation company, two different bosses and 24 stores as I haven't fully transitioned from one to another. I am traveling each day to hand over my area to two different people that are splitting it, saying goodbye to coworkers and friends all while trying to keep this house immaculate, plan a meeting I am cohosting in Atlanta all next week, keep up with the shop which has been extremely busy (holla!) and be ready to move to Nashville two days after I return from Atlanta.
I feel like my head is going to explode most days by dinnertime and I cannot afford the mess it would create in this house that we need to sell. ;)

Never mind figuring out where we are going to live in Tennessee. People ask me everyday, "Have you found a house yet?" The answer is NO. We don't even know where we want to live because we were only in Nashville for a hot second and have no idea what most of these towns even look like. I just know we want acreage and a home that oozes character and charm that I can make amazing. Oh, and schools need to be good. All easier said than done. It's like I am searching for a Holy Grailesque trifecta. I have actually barely been on because I just cannot right now.  

However, a few weeks ago I found this house and send the info to our real estate agent in TN who said that this amazing property is already under contract. Grrr. Knowing that these things can "fall through" I am sending out all the vibes to the universe so that the current contract does indeed fall apart so I can have this house. Since that may come off as selfish and "not nice", let's just say that I hope the potential buyers find something better for themselves. Because I want this one. (insert shit eating grin emoji here)

This one is perfect y'all.

This early 1900's farmhouse sits on about 5 1/2 acres and has been fully renovated. It's about 40 miles south of Franklin and about 40 miles from where I would set up my office. While that may seem kind of far, it keeps me in a good proximity to Alabama where I will be frequently working. It also means not all of Alabama would need to be overnight stays when I travel there and I am totally good with that.
Can we all just stare in awe at the quintessential perfect farmhouse it is on the exterior? Then buckle up your seatbelts people because you haven't seen anything yet.

This porch is just begging for cocktails and morning coffee. If they occur at the same time please don't judge.

This entryway! This entryway!

My mother suggested that you could paint this wood white and I nearly fainted. No way, no how. This is stunning and I recently found and purchased the most perfect coat rack and art work to hang in this foyer.
It's all about priorities people.
Now I just need the house.

There are fireplaces in almost every common room downstairs and the wall color seems almost identical to the main color in our current home.
I don't know that I would even need to paint this and after all the prep work we did getting our house ready to sell that would be a welcome respite.

Those moldings! And the floors are gorgeous and I love all the natural light.

I think this room is my favorite.

 Look at all the trim work! And windows!

I actually think I would make this room the dining room for obvious reasons.
Who would not want to dine in this room?
And let's not even get started on how amazing a Christmas tree will look in here.
This house at Christmas? I am beside myself and giddy at the thought of it.

I'm 100% ok with the kitchen. I think that it could work nicely for me. Sad it doesn't appear to be a gas range but if that compromise needs to be made then so be it.
See how flexible I can be?

All these French doors have me swooning big time.
This, this is exactly what my dreams are made of. I die, I really do.

Let's all say a quick, selfish prayer me that I can see it in person when I get down there. The town it is in is really tiny. So tiny in fact that my daughter would have to go to school in a neighboring town but the schools there seem to rate pretty well. However, if it takes me an hour to get to the closest Target that could be a little worrisome. While we are ready to leave the hustle and bustle here, we have known no other life and are not blind to the fact that going very rural may feel like too much of a culture shock and not be right for us in the long run. Let's just stay optimistic that this one is not too far off the beaten path.
And the price? We'll just say that it is so good that my dinnerware obsession is in no danger of being compromised and I should easily be able to fit all the things in this place.
Can I get a hallelujah?


  1. Fingers crossed that this or something equally as good happens for you!!!

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