Saturday, October 10, 2015

My Little Red House

I'm packing my bags to catch a 6am flight to Nashville tomorrow. I've been feeling all the feelings all day because let's face it: shit just got real. Leaving my husband and daughter behind until the house is sold is tough enough but what makes it even harder is that I have literally spent half of my life living in this neighborhood. It's a little weird to know I am leaving it. I wrote this post about my home a few years back and instead of reposting it I thought I would just share some of the photos from our MLS listing with you.
It's the sweetest little red house.
I will miss it so much.


  1. oh how bittersweet this must all be eleanor. i hope it sells quickly and life can get normal again. your home is so pretty it should sell fast!

    1. Thank you Janet! I've thought of you often and how long you were away from home as I have wondered how this transition will play out. Deep down inside I know this move is right, it's just getting past all those emotions on the surface. xoxo

  2. Oh wow, leaving is always hard, no matter how exciting the adventure laid out before you is. xxx

  3. It's beautiful! I think it will all happen quickly. People will feel the good vibes and want to close before Christmas! Sending my best wishes!

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